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Barnett Newmann (U.S.A. 1905 - 1970)
whose paintings inspired the design of the site. One of the principal artists to be associated with the movement that came to be known as Abstract Expressionism.

Of Porges interest

Origin of the Porges name


Where the Porges lived and died

Porges in the phone books today : US and Canada, Rest of the world, e-mail addresses

Porges in the phone books of Vienna 1932-1938

Porges deportations and transports from Paris

Porges deportations and transports from Vienna

Porges victims of the Holocaust

Seizure of Porges works of art, Paris, 1941

Jules Porgès, the diamond magnate (Vienna 1839 - Paris 1921)

Spoliations of Porges property during WWII

Porges tombstones in the New Jewish cemetery of Prague : list , photos

List of the 227 Porges deported to Terezin

List of 121 Porges names from the SSDI.
List of Porges, Porgesz, Porjes, Porjesz, Purjes.
The Social Security Death Index (SSDI) is generated from the U.S. Social Security Administration's Death Master File. It contains the records of deceased persons who were assigned Social Security numbers and whose deaths have been reported to the SSA.

U.S. records 
(New York directory 1869 & 1890 / Montgomery (Alabama) directory 1880-1895 / New York naturalization index 1907-1927 / New York census 1790-1890 / Illinois census 1810-1890 / New York births 1891-1902)

Of Historical and Geographical interest

Maps of Europe

Austrio-Hungarian monarchy, Austria, Bohemia, Czechoslovakia, Czech Republic, Europe, Europe 1999, Concentration camps, Political Europe 1996, Germany 1836, Germany 1994, Hungary and Transylvania, Moravia 1882, Marquisate of Moravia, Prague 1900, Slovakia

History of Brnö (1848-1918)
" Another important factory, which was located in Brno was Lederer and Porges, founded in September 1889."

The Frankists (concerns Moses and Leopold Judah Porges)
1759, A converted Jew, J. J. Frank, forms a sect called the Frankists at Lemberg.

Grand Dukes and Diamonds by Raleigh Trevelyan. Concerns Jules Porgès.
tells the story of one of the world's most fascinating families, the Wernhers of Luton Hoo.The family fortune was made by Sir Julius Wernher, the financier and mining magnate who was one of the creators of modern South Africa. Self-effacing and cautious, he was the perfect partner for the brilliant Alfred Beit, and together they made a vast fortune. Both were generous philanthropists; Wernher was also a collector and he acquired Luton Hoo, a country house in Bedfordshire, to house his magnificent collection.

Czechoslovakia and The Habsburg rule
HAPSBURG RULE, 1526-1867 The Hapsburgs and the Czechoslovak Lands
THE DUAL MONARCHY, 1867-1918 Formation of the Dual System

Of Jewish Historical interest

History of the Habsburg Jews (1670-1918) by William O. McCagg Jr,
with references to Moses and Judah Porges (von Portheim)

Jewish history of the Czech Republic, Jewish history of Hungary, Jewish history of Romania

Jewish history of Transylvania, Jewish history of Yugoslavia, Jewish Prague

The Jews of prague

Hitler's origin by Alexander Lernet-Holenia

Hitler's Vienna by Brigitte Hamann, Ph. D. and author of several works on nineteenth- and twentieth- century Austrian history. Oxford University Press, 1999

1 . Jews in Vienna
Historical Background, Eastern Jews' Mass Migration, Parliamentary debates, Western and Eastenr Jews, The Specter of the Jewish world Rule, Was Young Hitler Anti-semite?, Two examples
2 . Czechs in Vienna
A wave of immigrants around 1900, The battle for the Nibelung districts, The battle for the Komensky schools, Attempts at mediation, Hitler on the Czechs


Prague's New Jewish Cemetery : Description
Porges tombstones : list , photos, obituaries

Jewish cemeteries of Prague and Plzen, Porges victims of the holocaust, Theresienstadt

Jewish cemeteries of Prague, a guide to the 6 Jewish cemeteries of Prague and the area

Cemetery of Pilsen/Plzen

Porgès tombstones at the Père Lachaise cemetery in Paris


Porges victims of the Holocaust

Porges deportations and transports from Paris

Porges deportations and transports from Vienna

Seizure of Porges works of art, Paris, 1941

Spoliations of Porges property during WWII

Terezin - Theresienstadt

List of the 227 Porges deported to Terezin

List of transports to and from Terezin (provided by The Terezin Initiative)

Beit Theresienstadt, an organization dedicated to the memory of those who perished in Terezin. Beit Theresienstadt at Kibbutz Givat Chaym Ichud was erected in memory of the Jews of Ghetto Theresienstadt who perished during the Nazi persecution.

The Genocide of the Czech Jews, by Miroslav Karny. This commemorative book has been written to pay homage to all the Jewish victims deported between 1941 and 1945 from the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia and to describe their fate.

Interview of a Terezin survivor, Charlotte Guthmann Opfermann survived the Theresienstadt Ghetto. This is her story.

Map of the concentration camps, It is estimated that 15,000 camps were established in the occupied countries. The complete list of camps can be found on the following web sites ....

Terezin, "model ghetto", During the war, small bits of information about the extreme and horrific episodes perpetrated under the Third Reich reached an unbelieving world. The Nazis needed to answer the world's growing concern and yet they wanted to continue implementing their "solution" to the Jewish Question. The Nazis decided to use Theresienstadt to solve the growing outside pressure. Through deceit and subterfuge, the Nazis transformed Theresienstadt into a "model ghetto."
With photos, courtesy of USHMM Photo Archives 

I newer saw another butterfly,
Children's Drawings and Poems, from Terezín Concentration Camp, 1942-1944

A Book Review by Amanda Kaufman, Cold Spring Harbor High School, New York

Terezin "Paradeis ghetto", by Chuck Ferree

Overview of Theresienstadt, Theresienstadt (Czech, Terezin) was run by the SS and commanded, in turn, by Siegfried Seidl (November 1941 - July 1943), Anton Burger (July 1943 - February 1944), and Karl Rahm (February 1944 - May 1945). Czech gendarmes served as the ghetto guards, and with their help the Jews were able to maintain contact with the outside world.Adapted from the Encyclopedia of the Holocaust.

A visit to Terezin, by Chuck Vadun [part of Web Travel Review's Berlin/Prague story]

Porges biographies and family trees

Index of Porges biographies and family trees

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Adolf Porges (b. Cajle - Slovakia 1843, d.1931) and his descendants who live in the U.S.A.
Includes Stephen W. Porges, professor of psychophysiology at the University of Illinois.

Alfred Porges Vienna 1902-1978 who had a prominent role in the Austrian Government in the 1970's, and his siblings who live in Austria, Australia and U.S.A.

Alois Porges (b. ca 1830 Bohemia) and his descendants who live in the U.S.A.
Includes the artist, writer and cartoonist Paul Peter Porges (aka PPP)

Arthur (b. USA 1915) and Irwin Porges
Two American writers : Arthur (Science fiction ), Irwin (E. R. Burroughs biographer)

Edmund Porges (Vienna, b. 1872, d. 1917) Journalist

Eleazer Porges b. Vienna ca 1835 and his descendants who live in the U.S.A.
Includes Pr Robert F. Porges of NYC

Friedrich Porges (b. Vienna 1890, d. Holywood 1977) Movie director

Gyula Eduard Porges (b. Slovakia ca 1860) and his descendant Tibor Porges who emigrated to Santiago de Chile where he became exporter of hard woods to Europe. Author of "Judeas Odysee" a book of poems, published in Santiago in 1967.

Heinrich Porges (b. ca 1875 Schestajowitz Bohemia, d. ca 1942 KZ Poland) and his descendants who lived in Prague. Most perished in concentration camps.(not related to the musician Heinrich Porges)

Henry Porges (b. Prague 1831, d. Chicago 1914) and his descendants who live in Chicago.

Ignac Porges (b. Prague 1812, d. 1890) Painter. Provided the portrait of Rabbi Salomon Judah Rapoport in 1843.

Irwin Porges and his descendants who live in New York City, Philadelphia and Miami.

Jabob Porges I (b. Prague 1800) and his descendants who live in New York City and Israël including the photographer Dan Porges. Biography and complete photo portfolio of Dan Porges

Jabob Porges II (b. Prague 1850) who migrated to the U.S.A. ca 1870, and his descendants who live in Atlanta and Salt Lake City.

Jabob Porges III (b. 1830) and his descendants who live in the U.S.A. (New Jersey, Florida, North Carolina, Alabama). Includes Gregory J. Porges, attorney in Florida.

Jonas Simon Porges (b. prague ca 1770) and his descendants, who live in France, Australia, U.S.A.. Includes Théodore and Jules Porgès (1839-1921), diamond magnate and mining entrepreneur who settled in France where he built the Rochefort en Yvelines château.

Jules Porgès : biographies and articles about his residences and social life in Paris.

Joseph Porges (Austria, b. 1875, d. 1920) moved from Austria to Butler, Pennsylvania, and his descendants who live in New York.
Includes Dr Andrew J. Porges (NYC).

Josepha Kraigher Porges (1857-1937), writer

Kafka (Franz), Franz Kafka's maternal grand-mother was born Esther Porias. She was the daughter of the textile merchant and rabbi Adam Porias.

Lipman Porges (b. Prague ca 1800) and his descendants who live in the U.S.A.. Includes late Walter Rudolf Porges, television news executive (ABC).

Ludwig Porges (Brnö b. 1880, d. 1909) and his descendants who live in Munich

Maria Porges, American artist

Madame Porges, ski champion

Moses Israel Naphtaly Porges (b. ca 1600 Prague, d. 1670 Jerusalem)
Rabbi and emissary of the Ashkenazi community of Jerusalem.and his descendants : the prominent Porges von Portheim family.
Biographies of Moses, Leopold Juda, Eduard & Max Porges von Portheim.
Memoirs of Moses Porges von Portheim in German and French.

The Porges von Portheim document and photo gallery

The Porges von Portheim family

Memoirs of Moses Porges in English, in French, in German, correspondence pertaining to...

The Porges von Portheim Palace in Smichov (Prague) with pictures by Eva Sandrof and the Webmaster.

Nathan Porges (b. 1848 Prossnitz (Moravia), d. 1924 Würzburg (Germany))
Rabbi and bibliographer, and his descendants who live in Australia and Germany

Nenad Porges (b. Zagreb 1946) Croatian politician, Minister Counselor, Adviser to the Prime Minister, Deputy Minister of Economy, Croatian Embassador in Washington)

Philipp Porges (b. Bohemia 1856, d. Vienna 1925) Industrialist in Brnö and his descendants who live in the U.K.

Fran(ziska) Hosken Porges , an American Journalist / Photographer

Porges - press releases and internet quotes about :
David L. Porges,
Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Equitable Resources Inc.
Gustave Porges,
Quartermaster, American Expeditionary Force WWI, and his immediate family. d. 1940
Lars-Ingo Porges
, Engineer in Chemnitz (Germany)
Michael A. Porges
, Manager of Andersen Consulting's New York Dot-Com Launch Centre
Robert E. Porges,
Chinese immigration lawyer jailed in NYC (sept 2000)
Dr. Yair Porges,
Head of Einayim, the Kiryat Ata Eye Clinic in Israel

Porgesz and Porjesz families

Porjes and Purjesz families

Salomon Porges (b. Vienna ca 1830) and his descendants who live in France.
Founders of Porges Laboratories, a French manufacturer of catheters and medical devices.

Porges laboratories (France), 1905 catalog, 2000 catalog, acquisition by Mentor (2001)

Salomon Porges (b. Neuern/Nyrsko, Bohemia 1842, d. Spittal an der Drau, Carinthia 1918)
Physician and his descendants who live in Austria, Columbia, Germany, Holland, Sweden, U.K.

Porges scholars

Aaron B. Benjamin Porges (Porjes) (b. Prague 1650) Rabbi in Prague
Joseph ben Judah Loeb Porges
(ca 1670)
Moses ben Israel Naphtaly Hirsch Porges
(1600 Prague, 1670 Jerusalem)
Rabbi and emissary of the Ashkenazi community of Jerusalem.

Darke Zion by Mose ben Israel Naftali Porjes (Mose Präger)
(b. ca 1600 Prague, d. 1670 Jerusalem)
Rabbi and emissary of the Ashkenazi community of Jerusalem. Nicknamed "Prager".
Born in Prague, he was a relative of Isaiah ha-Levi Horowitz, whom he followed to Erez Israel, settling in Jerusalem, where he became a scribe.
When, after the Chmielnicki massacres of 1648-49, the contributions from Poland ceased, and the Ashkenazi community in Jerusalem was overwhelmed with debt, Porges was sent as their emissary to Germany.
During this mission he published, in Prague, Frankfurt and Amsterdam (1650), a small illustrated work "Darkhei Ziyyon" in judeo-german (see below) designed to arouse sympathy and obtain support for the Jewish community in Erez Israel.

Shmuel ben Leib Porges
Scribe of the Jewish community of Bonzlau (Bohemia) (ca 1734)

Sigmund Porges (Bohemia ca 1830) and his descendants who live in the U.S.A. ( Idaho, Texas, New York, Maryland)

Simon Porges (1801- 1869) and his descendants. Includes the musician Heinrich Porges (b. Prague 1837, d. München 1900) and his daughter, the dramaturg Elsa Bernstein (b. Vienna 1866, d. Munich 1949)

About Heinrich Porges, Wagner ....
Wagner, Rehearsing the 'Ring'
This book presents Wagner's view of how the Ring should be performed.
He requested Heinrich Porges, a member of his circle and an able writer as well as an accomplished musician, to 'follow all my rehearsals very closely and note down everything I say, even the smallest details, about the interpretation and performance, so that a tradition goes down in writing'.
In the opinion of the eminent Wagner scholar, Curt von Westernhagen (expressed in his recent biography), Porges's conscientious record shows 'amazing insight and perception' since what distinguishes it is his 'ability always to locate the endless detail of Wagner's instructions in an overall intellectual context'.
The book is therefore required reading not only for conductors, producers, instrumentalists and singers but also for musicologists and critics.
In addition it is a fascinating read for anyone who knows and loves the Ring since it takes the form of a blow-by-blow commentary on the stage action as it unfolds.
The writing has vitality and flow and one is caught up in the spirit of the thing as Wagner felt it.
It provides a re-experience of the Ring through his eyes.
The Bühnenproben was originally published in the monthly Bayreuther Blätter in instalments that were not completed until 1896, when the Ring was first given again at Bayreuth ; its publication in book form was equally protracted. Its translation now is a sign of the times. Wagner in his black moods longed for an 'invisible theatre'.
He did not foresee the electronic revolution that has enabled countless people to sit comfortably at home, hi-fl equipment at their elbow, vocal score on their lap, revelling in his fusion of music and poetry and - guided by his stage directions - envisaging his 'invisible theatre' in their minds.

The Wagner controversy By Lili Eylon.
"When, in 1985, the Richard Wagner Museum in Bayreuth, Germany, opened an exhibition entitled "Wagner and the Jews", its organizer, museum director Manfred Eger, said it was a plea not for Wagner but for the truth.
The truth is that some Germans, like many Israelis, still cannot "digest" Wagner, and that the antisemitic composer continues to be an issue - lukewarm in Germany, hot in Israel.
In his exhibition introduction, Eger tries to prove that the roots of Hitler's antisemitism did not have their origins in Wagner.
The exhibition brochure dwells heavily on Wagner's appreciation of Jewish composers such as Mendelssohn (his "Hebrides Overture") and Halévy (his opera "The Jewess").
Eger cites in detail Wagner's friendships with Jews such as the choirmaster Heinrich Porges and the conductor Hermann Levi, a rabbi's son."
Richard Wagner Tempo
Diaries of Cosima Wagner (1878-1883) Reference to Heinrich Porges