Family of Jacob Porges (I)

Natan Porges (Prague c. 1470)

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Jacob Porges (b. Prague ca 1800) married to Anna

Sigmund Porges (b. Prague ca 1830) married Amalie Bondi

Augusta Porges (d. Prague Holocaust) married Arthur Fürth, had 4 children :
           Wilhelm, Richard, Walter & Alice

Emil Porges (Vienna 1864-1938)
           Committed suicide not to be sent to KZ camps, married Hedwig Teller

Egon Friedrich Porges (b. Vienna 05/1910, d. Israel 28/10/1951)
          married Augusta (Gusti) Meidan

Uri Porges (b. Jerusalem 4/5/1949) married Tliki Schlomo
           lives in Golan Heights,

David Porges
Adi Porges

Adi Porges is a windsurfer.
She has served in the Israeli Army teaching sign language to deaf soldiers and has achieved some fame as a fashion model, but mostly she’s interested in water sports.

There are hundreds like her on Maui at any one time.
It’s an irony only Israel could produce: the sons and daughters of the Judean desert marching onto airplanes bound for tropical surf.
Porges is from the Golan Heights, a rocky, hilly rugged terrain captured by Israeli commandos in the 1967 war. Despite the nightmarish political environment, Golan Heights is free loving and tie-dyed—much like Paia.
Source : Maui Time, Feb. 2005

Shani Porges (b. ) married (NYC 04/03/2012, Golan Heights 08/12/2012) David Aaron Epstein(b. ) a U. S. diplomat from New York.
They currently live in Washington D. C. (2013).

Dan Porges (b. Jerusalem) married Bilha Hirshhorn,
           lives in Jerusalem.
           He is a photographer. An excerpt of his portfolio is posted below.
           Link to the biography and photo portfolio of Dan Porges
           Dan Porges' website

Eyal Porges (b. NewYork 26/04/91)
 Ronit Porges (b. New York 08/02/93)
Tamar Hagit Porges (female) (b. 2000)

Hans (Johannes) Porges (b. 1900, d.1979) married Gertrude Süsskind
           lives in Haifa

Ossi Porges (b. 1902, d. 1927)

Source : Dan Porges (2004)