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Diana Porges Director at the Enterprise Agency of North Kent
Gustave Porges Quartermaster, American Expeditionary Force, and his immediate family, 1914-1944
Lars-Ingo Porges Engineer in Chemnitz (Germany)
Mme Porges Ski champion of France (1929) presenting the first motorized skis, invented by Santos-Dumont. [link to her page]
Michael A. Porges Manager of Andersen Consulting's New York Dot-Com Launch Centre
Serena Porges Serena Porges is an independent consultant who combines media relations and inter-cultural/diversity training tools to help clients create strategies to manage cultural differences ...
Dr. Yair Porges Head of Einayim, the Kiryat Ata Eye Clinic in Israel

Diana Porges
Diana Porges

I've been running my own businesses for a long time and never regretted being self-employed.
Through the Enterprise Agency I can pass on the benefit of my years of experience and, quite frankly, I get a kick out of helping others achieve their potential.


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Diana Porges, Director

Gustave Porges

The University of Nottingham has the following :

Papers of Gustave Porges, Quartermaster, American Expeditionary Force, and his immediate family, 1914-1944

Dates of creation of material: 1914-1944

Context Administrative/biographical history:
The papers in the collection relate to three members of the Porges family. Gustave Porges was an American. The entry of the United States into the First World War saw Porges temporarily abandon his commercial interests with the firm Strhmeyer, Arpe and Company, New York, and join the Quartermaster Corps of the American Expeditionary Forces commanded by General J.J. Pershing. Responsible for supplies to the Army in France, Porges had been promoted to the rank of Major by 1917. Following the cessation of hostilities he was sent to Spain to report upon subsistence matters there, and achieved the rank of Colonel early in 1919. He received 12 medals from foreign countries for his services during the War, including the French Legion of Honour. Colonel Porges died in May 1940.

Other papers relate to Porges' wife, Alice Emma Porges, and son William Waldo Porges, a lawyer.

Custodial history: The papers came to the University library from a family member in 1984.

Content & Structure Scope:
The most significant part of the Collection is the material relating to Gustave Porges and the First World War.
These papers are mainly concerned with his official duties as Quartermaster, 1917-1921, and include a small quantity of war memorabilia, 1913-1919.
Many of the documents deal directly with issues of stores and subsistence markets, but some more general correspondence about current conditions and the war is also present. Post-war material is in the form of memorabilia, for example recording exceptional public service in New York.
William Waldo Porges' papers, 1929-1932, consist solely of routine administrative papers relating to his position as a solicitor in London.
The papers of Alice Porges of New York include a letter of condolence from John Pershing on the death of her husband Gustave.
The remainder comprises invitations to charity events, and acknowledgements for her gifts and donations made during the Second World War.
There are also a number of newspaper cuttings, 1914-19 and 1925-38, relating to events with which Gustave Porges was associated.
Photographs of Porges and other officers, 1917-1934 are present.
Finally, there is a section of miscellaneous material relating to British records and ephemera of the Second World War.
This includes petrol ration forms, information sheets, and the music and lyrics to '(We're Gonna Hang Out) The Washing on the Siegfried Line'.

Content summary: Correspondence, newspaper cuttings, photographs Arrangement: The material has been listed chronologically within series divided according to form (correspondence, newspaper cuttings).

Source : The University of Nottingham, University Park, Nottingham NG7 2RD.
Telephone: +44 115 9515151, Fax: +44 115 9513666

Lars-Ingo Porges
Lars Ingo Porges

Author of the I love you dictionnary (translates "I love you" in all languages)

To see the project of Porges family website designed by L-I Porges, click here


Michael A. Porges


Thursday May 4, 2000
Company Press Release
Andersen Consulting Opens New York Dot-Com Launch Centre
Partners Michael Porges and Craig Stanley to Lead New York Centre

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 4, 2000--
Andersen Consulting today announced the opening of its New York Dot-Com Launch Centre -- part of the firm's network of 22 Dot-Com Launch Centres in major cities around the globe.

Located at 1345 Avenue of the Americas, the New York Dot-Com Launch Centre will provide start-ups and spin-offs with the necessary management, marketing, finance, administration, and technology expertise needed to become enduring, revenue generating businesses. Having worked with hundreds of start-ups over the last few years, Andersen Consulting is ramping up its offerings in this arena by providing dedicated capabilities to dot-com companies working with the Launch Centre. The New York Launch Centre will be co-led by Michael A. Porges, a partner with the firm's Retail Practice, and Craig M. Stanley, a partner with the firm's Financial Services Practice.

In their new roles, Mr. Porges and Mr. Stanley will be responsible for assisting Andersen Consulting partners in the region with identifying, appraising, and executing opportunities with both new start-up businesses and spin-offs from established companies. They will also be responsible for furthering Andersen Consulting's relationships and alliances with the New York business community, and managing the eCommerce professionals who will serve as key strategic, technology and marketing resources for the Internet businesses launched by the Centre.

``The New York Dot-Com Launch Centre will focus on selected start-ups and spin-offs where we can most effectively leverage our know-how and Andersen Consulting assets to create economic value faster, better, and more effectively than anyone else,'' said Mr. Porges. ``The Launch Centre brings together the firm's deep market and industry knowledge, global reach and proprietary eCommerce tools and architecture with the speed, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit for which Internet start-ups are known.''

Mike Porges is the Managing Partner of Andersen Consulting's Strategic Services Retail Practice for North America. He has 24 years of business experience; 15 years as a Senior Management Consultant and 9 years in Consumer Products Package Goods Management. His management consulting expertise includes strategy, marketing, sales, merchandising, supply chain, and profit improvement. For the past several years, he has focused on major eCommerce strategy and development projects both in start-ups and for major corporations. He is currently leading two eCommerce start-up projects. Prior to his consulting experience, Mike had senior level management responsibilities in packaged goods marketing and sales for The Gillette Company, Nabisco, and Remington. Mike has also started two ventures during his business career in the real estate and services areas.

Craig Stanley is a Partner in Andersen Consulting's Financial Services/Capital Markets Practice. Based in New York, he has been serving clients for over 15 years with an emphasis on assisting banking, capital markets, and insurance organizations based in the US and overseas with their most challenging technology implementation issues. His expertise includes development and delivery of eCommerce programs, information technology strategy and planning, distributed application design and implementation, and complex technology architecture implementation for established clients as well as start-ups. Most recently, Craig has led Andersen Consulting's efforts to develop and enhance eCommerce solution delivery capabilities in conjunction with leading companies such as S1 Corporation. He is currently leading two eCommerce start-ups in the Financial Services 0arena and serves as an advisor to several other initiatives.

``New York is one of the fastest growing, most innovative start-up markets in the country and an ideal marketplace for us to establish a Launch Centre,'' said Mr. Stanley. ``In a short period of time, the New York Dot-Com Launch Centre is becoming an activity hub for dot-com clients, venture capitalists, incubators, brick & mortar spin-offs, and other eEconomy visionaries. We have been fortunate to establish our facilities in New York so quickly, and our clients value the immediate access to computing resources and Internet infrastructure that the Launch Centre provides. During our soft launch period, we have had incredible interest and demand for our services, and we are focusing our approach on the best opportunities for both our clients and Andersen Consulting.''

About the New York Dot-Com Launch Centre Building on Andersen Consulting's proven track record as a leader in eCommerce, the New York Dot-Com Launch Centre will help to reduce dramatically the time it takes an eBusiness to go from initially-funded start-up, to revenue-producing business, and ultimately to successful initial public offering (IPO). Unlike an incubator, which typically works with businesses from the conceptual stage through their first 60 to 120 days, the New York Dot-Com Launch Centre will work with initially funded eBusinesses that already have a nucleus of management and financial support, helping them to quickly build and achieve market success. To help jump start eBusinesses, the Centre will provide access to:

-- Internet-tested professionals ready to serve as key strategic, technology, and marketing resources or as part of an off-the-shelf management team -- Andersen Consulting's full range of assets including proprietary eCommerce tools and architecture -- Andersen Consulting's relationships with leading businesses -- Recognized credibility through linkage with Andersen Consulting's global brand -- Leading-edge eCommerce software through Andersen Consulting's alliances (Ariba, Asera, Blue Martini, Calico, Commerce One, i2, Manugistics, Oracle, PeopleSoft, PrimeResponse, S1, SAP, Siebel, STC, Sun-Netscape/AOL, and Retek) -- Real-time solutions to the challenges that commonly impede and delay start-ups, through the firm's deep market and industry knowledge, global reach, and unmatched distribution channels -- A valuable database of competitive knowledge and business experience

The New York Dot-Com Launch Centre is part of the firm's global network of 22 Centres. Andersen Consulting will take up to $1.2 billion in equity over three years from start-ups as partial compensation for its services and assets, such as intellectual property and knowledge capital. The New York Dot-Com Launch Centre has already begun work with select clients that include: Urbanfetch, EZsize.com, CyberElan.com, and Polestar Capital Partners.

About Andersen Consulting:

Andersen Consulting is an $8.9 billion global management and technology consulting organization whose mission is to help its clients create their future. The organization works with clients from a wide range of industries to link their people, processes and technologies to their strategies. Andersen Consulting has approximately 65,000 people in 48 countries. Its home page is http://www.ac.com.


Serena Porges
Serena Porges
Serena Porges is an independent consultant who combines media relations and intercultural/diversity training tools to help clients create strategies to manage cultural differences, promote cross-cultural awareness and develop productive relations.
Serena draws upon her background in the international media arena, working previously in Australia with SBS, a multicultural television/radio broadcaster representing over 60 nationalities across the country.
Since her arrival in the United States, Serena has focused on helping organizations prepare executives for offshore assignments with a better understanding of diversity in global business. 
She holds an M.A. in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University, and a B.Ed. from Sydney University, Australia.

Yair Porges

JERUSALEM, Wednesday, May 17 2000 Iyar 5760
The Business Scene, by Greer Fay Cashman


Dr. Yair Porges, 42, has been appointed head of Einayim, the Kiryat Ata Eye Clinic, which is dedicated to improving vision and helping its patients to see without the use of eyeglasses. Porges was previously the chief surgeon at Laniado Hospital's Laser Institute. Einayim has seven branches across the country.