Gallery of the Porges von Portheim family

Old Jewish cemetery, PragueOld Jewish cemetery, Prague
Simon Spira grave site

Old Jewish cemetery, Prague
Simon Spira's grave plaque
Photos of the grave of Rabbi Simon Spira (1600, 1679) at the Old Jewish Cemetery of Prague.
(Courtesy of Eva Sandrof, June 2001)


Leopold Porges von Portheim

Item 961 : portrait of Leopold von Portheim

Polda von portheim

Item 962 : Polda von Portheim sitting in his factory

Rosalir von PortheimLeopold von Portheim

Item 968 & 969 : coloured portraits of
Rosalie and Leopold Porges von Portheim


Max von Portheim
Item 1223 : photo of Emil Levy, Max von Portheim,
Fanny Maass and Emmi Fischel

(Juda) Leopold Porges von Portheim

Juda (Leopold) Porges von Portheim

Moses Porges von Portheim


Pauline & Karl von Portheim

Item 1245 : Picture of Pauline von Portheim with her brother Karl

Pauline von Portheim

Item 1211 : picture of Pauline von Portheim (1834)

The grave of Pauline Fischel von Portheim, in the Central Friedhof of Vienna

This letter was written by Mrs Portheim, an Austrian-Jewish refugee to a related German-Jewish refugee, Eva Ehrenberg.
She writes that she now knows for sure that her son Eduard (Edi) had died but she doesn't know anything about the circumstances. The letter shows the extent of what people at the time knew about what was going on in Germany



Translation :

London, 20.09.1942

Dear Mrs Ehrenberg!
Today I have news of very, very sad matters, but I know that you always have a warm interest, so I need to let you know.
Three days ago we got terrible news from Willie Brandeis in Zurich.
He writes that our boy is dead.
He got a letter from Lola in which she asks him to tell Polda that Edi died about 2 months ago.
Edi suffered for a long time, we should be happy that he can rest now.
This is all we know, we don't know where and when he died, but we are certain it was in a concentration camp.
We will never find out more.
The only person who knew anything was Lola and she is also dead.
Willie got the news of her suicide a day later, she had taken an overdose of Valium.
She was going to be deported to Poland as well.
She was right to do what she did and she is at peace now.
Our boy went through such a lot, we will never get over that.
Emil and Fritz have been deported to Terezin, at the ages of 85 and 86.
We were very pleased to see your husband so well.
Thank you very much for your first letter with the address of the doctor.
Yours sincerely

Mrs Portheim

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Item 237 : from the letters from Susan Wallace to Lewis Elton on the Porges von Portheim family history
[Susan Wallace is the great grand-daughter of Leopold Porges von Portheim]

Porges von Portheim :
An old Prague Jewish family. Can be traced to 1573 ??, 1630.
They were then called Porges Spiro. (Porges married into the family Spiro about 1699).
Rabbi Spiro Porges : money changer mentioned in Prague 1754.
Rabbi Lob Spiro took the name of Porges because of his ancestor, called himself Porges Spiro.
Grand father of Gabriel Porges Spiro 1738 -1824.
Father of Moses and Leopold Jude.

Moses 1781-1870
Moses Porges, factory owner. Member of the local council in Smichov and representative of the Jewish community council in Prague.
Director ofthe Josefstadter Childrens Home for small children.
Member of the Board of Directors of Cotton Printers.

Leopold Jude 1785-1869 (My father's grandfather)
House and property owner, Town councillor of the Imperial Capital Town of Prague.
Member of the Jewish Community Council.
Both brothers received the Austrian title "Edler von Portheim" in 1847.

Eduard Porges von Portheim 1826 - 1907 (Father of Leopold Portheim) (see their family tree)
Son of Leopold Jude.
Vice President of the Prague Chamber of Commerce, was given the title Ritter von Portheim on the 5,July 1879.
The 2 sons of the poor family Porges from Prague, Moses & Leopold Juda, went to Offenbach to join the Frankisten Movement, a Jewish Sect.
They were disilusioned and returned to Prague. On the journey back they saw progressive manufacturing processesin Saxonia and introduced these ideas after their return to Prague.
They started their works for printing cotton on the outskirts of the Jewish quarters by the Moldau.
They then moved to the outskirts of Prague where they bought the grounds of a former hospital and church and cemetry.
Eventually they moved to ... Smichov the new industrial quarter.
There they introduced the first steam engine in Prague.
Emperor Ferdinand visited their factory and admired the "Mechanics".
He told the manufaturers Porges that they could express a wish.
Before 1848 there was no equallity for Jews in Austria.
There were all kind of restrictions.
Even weddings had to have the consent of the authorities.
Every one but bankers and manufacturers had to live in the ghetto.
Because of this Porges asked for equality for the Jews.
That was asking too much.
Emperor Ferdinand promised to think it over and then sent instead a patent of nobility.
It exempted the family Porges Portheim of all restrictions and inconveniences.
They lived in a very nice house, a small palais near the factory in the suburbs.
It was in the present day Narodni, then one of the best streets in Prague.
Even to day the initials EvP can be seen on the front of the house.
The family played a big role to develop Prague into a textile town.
The name of Portheim also turns up in Heidelberg .

The "Portheim Stiftung":
Leontine v. Portheim married Victor Goldschmidt, a well known scientist.
His interest started as a hobby in which he invested much effort and money and which led to the "Josefine and Eduard von Portheim Stiftung" for science and art.
It was founded in 1919 and is situated in the former Palais Weimer Hauptstrasse 235, Heidelberg.
It houses part of the ethnographic collection. A mineralogical collection was given to the University of Heidelberg.
(see below)
visit the museum website :


Eduard Porges Ritter von Portheim and his wife Rosalie Jerusalem

PvP brothers
The children : Leopold, Victor Moritz, Emil, Freidrich and Heinrich Porges Ritter von Portheim


Fanny Mass, née Edle von Portheim

Leontine "Lola" Goldschmidt, née Edle von Portheim

Leopold Opi Elizabeth Omi
Leopold "Opi" Ritter von Portheim and his wife Elizabeth "Omi" Ungar

Source : Susan Wallace (Scotland) provided the extensive family tree of Eduard Porges von Portheim and the attached portraits. 2003

HeidelbergVölkerkundemuseum (Josefine und Eduard Portheim-Stiftung)
Visit the museum web site :

This museum was founded in 1919 and is nowadays located in the "Palais Weimar".
The permanent exhibition documents the culture of the Asmat in New Guinea.
Several rooms in the basement and on the ground floor present not only the life and times of the Asmat, but also the environment they were living in, cultural object such as masks, jewellery, household effects, musical instruments, arms and even a large boat, that fills almost one exhibition hall.

Hauptstraße 235
Neighborhood: Center/Old town
Tel: +49 6221 2 20 67

Source : The Centre for German-Jewish Studies, University of Sussex UK. Special thanks to Samira Teuteberg.

The coats of arm of the Porges von Portheim
Leopold ex-libris
Ex-Libri, courtesy of Peter Rath, Vienna 2003, archivarius and editor of the "Mitteilungen der Österreichischen Exlibris Gesellschaft".

Ernst & Clara Jacob
Ernst Jacob b.Feb. 6, 1849 – d. Sept. 21, 1865
Clara Jacob b. June 28, 1850 – d. May 25, 1861
They are the younger siblings of Mathilde Jacob.
Their mother was Emilie Edle von Portheim, who married Harry Jacob and who was the daughter of Leopold Juda Porges Edle von Portheim, owner of the Villa Portheimka.
(Courtesy of Eva Sandrof)

Short family tree

Moses ben (Israel) Naphtaly Hirsch Porges (Rabbi in Prague, died in Jerusalem)
          (der Gemeindevorsteher und Rabbiner der Pinkassynagogue in Prag war)

Salomon Porges (Prague)

Maria Porges (d. 1699 Prague), married Rabbi Judah Spiro (d. 1703 Prag)

Rabbi Hirsch Spiro (d. 1739 Prague) , Actuar der Beerdigungs-Brüderschaft

Rabbi Löb Spiro (Porges Spiro)
         nahm aus Achtung für seinen Vorfahren
        dessen Familiennamen Porges an und schrieb sich Porges Spiro

Moses Porges Spiro ( father of Rabbi Abraham)

Lipmann Porges Spiro (d. 1792),
         Married Malke Bondi (d. 1769)

Gabriel Porges Spiro
(b. 03/1738, d. 07/1824 Prag),
Married Esther Kassoviz(d. 1824) on 28/08/1759, daughter of Oberrabbiner Löb Kassowiz (Prag)

Children of Gabriel Porges Spiro :

David Porges (b. 1770, d. 1845) Dr. Med. in Prague, married Rosalie Lieben (b. 1779, d. 16/07/1852)

Jacob Porges (b. 12/01/1789)
Leopold Porges (b. 10/09/1803, d. 12/07/1852)
Wilhelm Porges (b. 17/08/1804, d. 02/11/1852) married Anna Fleckeles on 24/08/1852
Simon Porges (b. 11/03/1806)
Ignatz Porges (b. 15/12/1814)

Moses Porges, seit 1841 Edler von Portheim (b. 22/12/1781, d. 21/05/1870),
married Friedericke Hirsch (b. 1791, d. 05/07/1867)

Ignatz Porges Edler von Portheim (b. 01/08/1815, d. 18/02/1900), seit 1840 Alois Peter,
          married Helene Hinkel aus Chemnitz on 16/10/1842

Arthur Porges Edler von Portheim (b. 30/10/1843, d. ? Prag)
           married Auguste Edle von Portheim (b. 1854)

Joseph Wilhelm Porges Edler von Portheim (b. 14/07/1894)
Carl Alfred Porges Edler von Portheim (b. 10/06/1897)

Paul Porges Edler von Portheim (b. 03/08/1860)
Otto Porges Edler von Portheim (b. 18/10/1864)

Josef Porges Edler von Portheim (b. 06/01/1817, d. 03/09/1904 Prag)
         married Rosa Goldschmidt (b. 09/04/1821, d. 29/06/1904 Prag) on 23/01/1848. Two daughters.

Heinrich Porges Edler von Portheim (b. 01/09/1819, d. 28/02/1857 Prague)
         married in 1848 Luise Porges Edle von Portheim (b. 04/10/1820, d. 29/05/1897). Three daughters
Gustav Porges Edler von Portheim (b. 07/08/1823, d. ? Prague)
           married Mathilde Philipp from Hamburg on 22/08/1855.

Franz Porges Edler von Portheim (b. 07/09/1862, d. Prague )
           married Emmy Dub (b. 1868) on 06/01/1891.

Alexander Porges Edler von Portheim (b. 08/10/1894)

Rudolf Porges Edler von Portheim (b. 14/10/1826, d. ? Prague)
         married Laura Hobitzky (b. 18/04/1827, d. 30/09/1904)

Paul Porges Edler von Portheim (b. 01/08/1858, d. 13/07/1883)
Fritz Porges Edler von Portheim (b. 07/11/1859, d. 06/06/1888)
Ernst Porges Edler von Portheim (b. 14/08/1852, d. 25/04/1879)

Leopold Juda Porges, seit 1841 Edler von Portheim (b. 03/04/1785, d. 11/01/1869 Prag)
married 18/06/1815 Rosalie Drosa (b. 1791, d. 1870) daughter of Malke Porges (see above)

Wilhelm Porges Edler von Portheim (b. 04/07/1819, d. 11/01/1873 Prag)
         Married Bertha Goldschmitt (b. 1829, d. 1894) from Frankfurt on 06/06/1849

Gabriele Porges Edle von Portheim (b. 17/04/1850)
         married August Jordan (b. 05/03/1842, d. 21/08/1891), in Paris later in Vienna, on 23/10/1879,
         and had one daughter. Gabriele Jordan translated Moses Porges works into German.

  Max Porges Edler von Portheim (b. 12/05/1857 Prague, d. 28/01/1937 Vienna)

Josefine Porges Edle von Portheim (b. 10/03/1822, d. 04/03/1869)
         married Salomon Benedict Goldschmidt (b. 28/03/1818, ) in Mainz,
         later in Frankfurt on 05/07/1846 ; they had 7 children.     

Eduard Porges Edler von Portheim, seit 1879 Ritter von Portheim
         (b. 12/01/1826 Prag, d. 14/02/1907). married Rosalie Jerusalem.
         The present family tree was presented to him in 1906 for his 80th birthday.

Emil (b. 14/04/1857), Friedrich (b. 19/02/1858), Leopold (b. 07/02/1869),
         Victor Moritz (b. 17/2/1871), Heinrich (b. 3/11/1872)

Carl Porges Edler von Portheim (b. 14/04/1834, d. 16/04/1873 Prag)
           married Madeleine Nemezek (b. 24/12/1850,) later Fülek von Wittinghausen.

Wilhelm Porges Edler von Portheim (b. 22/10/1867) later Fülek von Portheim,
         k. k. Rittmeister in Czernowitz, married Lucy von Gatkiewicz

Wilhelm Carl (b. 05/11/1895), Felix (b. 30/01/1905)

My wife Anna Josefine, née von der Porten, was born on October 31, 1881 in Hamburg
As family tree No.1 shows, my wife Anna Joséphine, born von der Porten comes from the families
                               von der Porten and de Lemos of Hamburg
                      and Goldschmidt of Frankfurt s/M and von Portheim of Prague.

Dr. Saly von der Porten
born in hamburg, Germany May 14, 1819
died Nov. 28, 1875

married Hana Antoinette von der Porten
née de Lemos (b. Hamburg 1821, d. 1895)

Hana Antoinette von der Porten
née de Lemos
(b. Hamburg 1821, d. 1895)
wife of Dr. Sally von der Porten
(b. 1819, d. 1875)
paternal grand mother of
Dr. Maximilian von der Porten


Courtesy of Helen Atteck (2002)