Family of Gyula Eduard Porges


Gyula (Eduard) Porges (b. Žilinský kraj, Slovakia 1860) married Ilonka/Ilona Kohn (b. 1885)
He was in the wood processing business, since his father-in-law Markus Kohn inherited the business from his father Julius Kohn.
When Ilonka became seriously ill, she was placed in an institution where she was later executed by the Hlinkova Garda (Slovak SS). Markus Kohn (b. Trencin, Slovakia) married Bertha Frankl (b. ca 1865), sister of Philip Frankl (b. Vag-Ujhely, Hungary, 1868), the grand-father of Joyce Eastman

Alexander Porges (b. Trencin, Slovakia 4/7/1912)), nicknamed Sanyi, changed name to Porubsky.

He was forced by the Hlinka Guard to reveal his wife's hiding place after they tortured him for 24 hours.
When the Nazis found her they took her away and threw him out of the window from the first floor.
He managed to survive the fall. Both were taken to a holding camp in Sered and from there to Theresienstadt.
There was not enough time to execute them before the end of the war.
Information provided by their son, Peter Porubsky through a translator (Peter Gartner) in August 2002.

Peter Porges / Porubsky (b. 1947) became a surgeon.

Peter Porubsky writes in August 2002 from Bratislava that his mother (unknamed) was living at her home in Bratislava as a war invalid until her death in 1991.
He currently lives with his wife in his parents home in Bratislava.

Tibor Porges (b. Zilina, Slovakia 11/12/1908, d. Santiago de Chile 4/9/1994), married Marianna,

          He emigrated to Santiago de Chile where he exported hardwood for furniture to Europe.
          He and his wife had no children. 
         Tibor Porges is the author of "Judeas Odysee", a book of poems published in Santiago in 1967.

After the divorce of Ilonka and Eduard Porges, Tibor and Alexander were raised by Alexander Kohn, the brother of Ilonka, and Frida Weisz.

Ilonka was unable to care for her children because of a serious illness.


Tibor Porges Judas Odyssee

                                                                                                    Tibor Porges

Tibor & Marianna Porges

Alexandre Porges Porubski

Peter Porges

Bertha and Markus Kohn family, with grandchildren.
Eduard (Gyula) Porges, Klára Kovácová, Markus, Mordechai Kohn, Alexander (Sanyi) Porubsky (Porges), Ilonka (Elenka/Elena) Porges, Zheny Kovac, Sandor (Alexander) Fathi Kohn, Frida (Weisz) Kohn, Alfred Kovac (Kohn), Bertha Kohn, Julius Yehuda Kovác, Tibor Porges


Source : Joyce Eastman, Orange City, FL, 2000