xx Porges (b. ca 1840)

Joseph Porges (Prague). (b. ca 1870).
           Farmed and owned land and brickworks at Prosek, on the north west outskirts of Prague. Married Anna Prick.

Otto Porges (b. 1899, d. 1942) Engineer. Married Ruza Klusakova

Jan Klusak (b. 1934 Prague) Musician.

Jan Porges (b. 1900 Prague, d. 1962 London)
           Known in England as John. Engineer. Married Dora Lichtwitz. Came to London 1938.
           His wife and children followed March/April 1939 after tireless efforts by Dora to obtain an exit visa
           from the German authorities and a difficult 4 day journey.
          (Dora was the niece of Joseph Porges, see separate family tree below.
           Homonym to the above Joseph Porges)

Fred Porges (b. 1932 Prague) Eldest of twins, engineer. Married Yvonne Bishop

Sonia Gillian Porges (b. 1963 London) Teacher. Married Alec Field.

Christopher John Field (b. 1993 London)

Richard Graham Porges (b. 1966 London)
           Research worker at Southampton University. Married Lisa 1993.

George Porges (b. 1932 Prague)
           Youngest of twins. Engineer. Married Ann Carter. Lives in London.

Rosemary Ann Porges (b. 1963 London)
           Medical secretary. Married Andrew Rawlison.

Kirsty Louise Rawlison (b. 1989 Hertfordshire)
Daniel James Rawlison (b. 1992 Hertfordshire)

Robert John Porges (b. 1966 London),
           runs a small hostal on Spain's Costa del Sol, with partner Lin Cheng

Rudolf Porges (b. 1903, d. 1942 ) Married, no children.

Karel Porges (b. 1906, d. 1942 ) Married, no children.

Philipp Porges (b. 21/07/1856 Liebescitz (Bohemia, Csz), d. 06/11/1925 Vienna). See biography below.

1 foster son. No other information.

Fritz Porges
         X-ray specialist (must have been one of the earliest in this field,
        since X-rays were not dicovered until 1895 by Röntgen)

Elizabeth Porges. Married Dr. Gregora Hannes. No other information.

Daughter. Married, name Gellner. No other information.

Toni. Married Dr. Meissner, brother of Czech Minister of Justice. No children.

Josef Porges (b. Bohemia 1860, d. Vienna 1926) born in a small Bohemian village into a very poor family but worked hard and successfully. In 1912 moved with his family to Vienna where, in due course, he was appointed Managing Director of the Austrian Alcohol State Monopoly (Spirituszentrale) and, in 1918, Commercial Consultant of the Government (Kommerzialrat). Married in 1897 Pauline Weissberger (b. Kolin Bohemia 1875, d. Manchester 1944).
Uncle of Dora Lipschtwitz who married Jan (John) Porges.

Albert Porges (b. Prague 1898, d. China 1932). Studied in Vienna and got his Doctorate in Genoa where he was employed by the American Express Company. After some time in New York he was appointed 1926 General Manager of Amexco in Piraeus and in 1929 Managing Director in Shanghai. In 1932 he was appointed Managing Director in London but was killed before he could leave Shanghai 4 days later. Killed in China

Henriette "Marietta (Hendra)", b. Prague 1900, d. Prestbury 1990 . Migrated to England.
           Married James Lilienfeld, member of London Stock Exchange. No children.

Marie (b. Prague 1901, d. Switzerland). Married but no children. Lived at various times in London, S. Africa, Switzerland.

Paul Porges (b. Prague 1904, d. in Italy). Migrated to Italy, then to Australia.

Albert Porges, daughters : Nicki and Mathilda

Paul Porges

Frederick Benjamin "Ben" Porges (b. Prague1907, d. 06/12/1999).
           Married 1934 in Moscow Marianne Raubitschek
          Engineer. Migrated to England. No children.


In January 2003, Michael Hilton provided the Curriculum Vitae of Frederick Benjamin Porges, his great uncle :

1913-1917 : Primary School in Vienna.
1917-1924 : Secondary School (Realschule) in Vienna. Declared me unanimously ripe for entering a Technical University.
1924-1930 : Studied Mechanica1 Engineering at the Vienna Technical University, for the last 2 years. additionally Internal Combustion Engines. Passed the Rigorosum unanimously "very well" (sehr gut).
1930-1932 : Worked for Henri, Maurice and Dick Farman in Boulogne-Billancourt (France), a well-known company manufacturing Luxury Motor Cars, Aircraft and Aircraft Engines. In due course I was charged with the design, fabrication and final testing of their 18T 12 Cylinder Aircraft Engine. There I designed my first seals to prevent leakage between compressors and engines.
1932-1936 : Invited to work in USSR as Head Engineer of the Engine Department of the “Central Scientific Research Institute for the Design of Aircraft Engines (ZIAM)” and as Head Engineer of the Engine Department of the "Scientific Research and Projecting institute of the Auto-Tractor Industry (NATI)
1934: Married in Moscow Marianne Raubitschek, a childhood friend, Dentist with her Surgery in the centre of Vienna.
1936-1938: Had to leave the USSR because we refused to become Soviet Citizens and Members of the Communist Party. We hoped to settle in England but could not find suitable jobs. An old friend who worked in the Oil Industry suggested to me to change to oil and after I learned some months in the Antwerp Redeventza Refinery we moved to Trieste where I worked in the Aquila Refinery.
1938-1945 : Invited to come to England as Chief Engineer of the Solvent Refining and Dewaxing (Edeleanu) Plant of the Manchester Oil Refinery under construction.
1945-1993 : Before the end of the war I suggested to thee Managing Director of MOR the formation of a separate company for the. fabrication and sale of the seals which I had further developed and successfully used in the USSR, in Trieste and. in Manchester. He agreed and the company was founded with me as Managing Director under the name of Flexibox Ltd, a shares investment of £600, a disused air-raid shelter, one second-hand lathe and one workman. The first two or three years were rather difficult but then the company developed and by now has seventeen subsidiaries all over the world, manufacturing not only seals but shaft couplings and related units, used in all sorts of industry.
PS: On May 12, 1993 the University of Manchester has conferred upon me the Degree of Master of Science (honoris causa).
Marianne developed Alzheimer's Disease in 1985 and died in 1990. After a marriage of 56 years I could not even think of ever going into our secondary home in Ste. Maxime and I sold it as well as our yacht, funding with the total receipt the "Ben and Marianne Porges Chair" at the Manchester University. I hope that it will help to find a cure for this terrible illness of which in Great Britain alone suffer 750,000 and the world over many millions.
F.B. Porges 1993

Dr Ben Porges, an honorary graduate, MSc 1993, of Altrincham, Cheshire. He died on 6th December 1999, leaving a further £200,000 towards the Ben and Marianne Porges Fund for Old Age Psychiatry, which includes research into Alzheimer's Disease. (University of Manchester, UK)

Source : George Porges (London), 1994. Michael Hilton, 2003.

Biography of Philipp Porges, industrialist in Brno

né à Liebeschitz (Libesice, Bohême) le 21 juillet 1856, décédé à Vienne le 6 novembre 1925.

Il fréquenta jusqu'en 1876 le Polythechnikum de Prague; puis travailla comme ingénieur dans une fabrique de machines à Prague, puis à la fabrique métallurgique Witkowitz (Ostrava-Vitkovice) et dans une fabrique de machines "Brand & Lhuillier" à Brünn (Brno). En 1890 il fonda une fabrique de machines (Lederer & Porges) à Königsfeld (Kralovo Pole) près de Brünn. L'entreprise se développa rapidement et fusionna en 1903 avec la fabrique de machines et de wagons S.A. précédemment H.D. Schmid Simmering. Porges fut directeur général des deux fabriques dans lesquelles travaillaient 3.000-4.000 ouvriers. Il fonda une filiale à Bucarest qui devint indépendante comme S.A.
Source : Österreichisches Biographisches Lexikon 1815-1950
(Wien 1983, in possession of Leo Baeck Institute New York)

About the company of Philipp Porges .....

..... Another important factory, which was located in Brno was Lederer and Porges, founded in September 1889. This factory was also known as Kralovopolska and by 1907 had 1,850 employees and was a successful producer of medium - and high-pressure steam boilers, railway storage tank cars, wood-working machines, cleaning machines, deep freezers, steam engines, railway and road bridges, and steam rollers.

To read the full story, excerpt from the "History of Brno The Years 1848 - 1918", click here.