Family of Alfred Porges

Biography of Alfred Porges, member of the Austrian government in the 1970's

Eduard Porges (b. Baar, d. 1912) married Barbara (b. Baar)

Ferdinand Porges

Kurt Porges

Ignatz Porges


Regina Porges, lives in Australia

Kurt Porges

Siegfried Porges (b. 04/09/1889 Schriftsetzers, d. 09/06/1942 Maly Trostinec KZ),
        married Leopoldine (b. 03/05/1891 Duschner, d. 09/06/1942 Maly Trostinec KZ)

Ernst Porges (b. 1918 Vienna, d. 1989) emigrated from Vienna to the U.S.A. in 1939.
           married Hedy. Lives in Los Angeles. (Click here to see the family album of Ernst Porges)

Harry Porges (b. 1942 U.S.A., ) resides in Los Angeles

Diana Porges (b. 1943 U.S.A., ) resides in Los Angeles

3 children, 1 grand child

Leonard M. Porges (b. 1955 Los Angeles), married Sheryl Cohen.
        Operates a fine art gallery in Arizona

 Walter Porges (b. 28/7/1921 Vienna, d. 18/05/1989 Netanya, Israel)
married (09/06/1953) Simcha Ben Shimon. He left Vienna on 12/08/1938 to study in Switzerland.
He moved to Haifa (Israel) in august 1949.
Until 1987, he worked at the Head Office of the Postal Services in Netanya.

  Tammy Porges (b. 1954) married Yair BASHARI
children : Keren (married Ilan YAKOVINIAN, they have twins : Yinon & Yodaia (b. 16/11/2006), Metal BASHARI (b. 14/10/1980), Sivan BASHARI (b. 28/04/1985), Almog BASHARI (b. 13/07/1993)

  Igal Porges (b. 24/10/1955, d. 06/06/2014) married Savion Knafo

  Yamit Porges (b. 13/04/1981) married 08/01/2008 Gilad Kalchheim
          daughter Ofer Sarah Klachheim (b. 2009), son Ido (b. 2011),
          son Roi (b. 2015)
  Hadar Porges (b. 23/07/1983), divorced,
          3 children Nevo (b. 08/2010) and twins Sinai & Arbel (b. 07/2011)
  Mor Porges (b. 25/10/1987) married(09/2010) Or Akwa,
          son Sagiv (b. 2012), son Yagel (b. 2014), son Atai (b.2017)
  Orpaz Porges (b. 09/06/1993)

 Hanna Porges (b. 1958) married Yossi ITON

Shimrit Porges(b.30/04/1980) married Doron JAN
        3 children : Rotem, Noya & Yakir
Elinor Porges married Shlomi MIZRAHI. 2 sons : Yali & Yahav

 Heinz Porges (b. Vienna) lives in Switzerland

Porges 2 children

 Gisella Porges


 Heinrich Porges (Vienna, b. 1875, d. 1949) married Phillipine Schwarz (b. 1878, d. 1947),
           metteur at the newspaper "Neue Freie Presse"

Alfred Porges (b. Vienna 16/03/1902, d. Vienna 07/10/1978).
       He attained a prominent role in the Austrian government in the 1970's, married Gabriele Mostsch

Grete Porges (Vienna, b. 1903, d. 1919)

Hans Porges (Vienna, b. 1905, d. 1968) married to Gerda Sebeh. "
        He opened 'Porges am Graben' in 1948, one of the first addresses in Vienna
        for exquisite clothing, closed in 1990".

Sissy Porges (Vienna, b. 1948, d. 1977)

Marion Porges (Vienna, b. 1959)

Philip Porges (b. 1880, d. 1942)

Erich Porges (b. 1907, d. 1992) married Hedy Sametz (b. 1922, d. 2013)

  Susan Porges (b.1952) married Michael Moddel (b.1950), they live in Australia

Daniel Moddel (b.1980) married Ilana Wahnon (b.1979)
         Children : Noah (b. 2011) , Zara (b. 2014)
Tim Moddel (b. 1983) married Kim Shakenovsky (b. 1985)
         Children : Joshua (b. 2013), Adam (b. 2015), Talya (b. 2018)

Steven Porges (b.1957) married Deborah Mandl (b.1960)

Leah Porges (b. 1997)
Ben Porges (b. 1998)

Stella Porges (b. 1910, d. 1998)) married Fritz Adler (b.1901, d. 1973), lived in Australia

Margaret Adler (b.1948) married Raymond Hudson (b. 1939)
        Children : Lee Hudson (b. 1974), Rohan Hudson (b. 1978)

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Susan Moddel (née Porges) from Australia 2018
Marion Porges and Gerda Porges from Vienna,
Leonard F. Porges from Columbia (Maryland), 1993 & 2000.
Yamit & Hadar Porges (Israel), 2007


Alfred Porges
alfred porges

Born: 16/03/1902, Vienna
Died : 7/10/1978, Vienna

Director of executive committee of the Viennese fair AG a. D.

Elementary school, Untermittelschule, commercial academy - Matura, university for world trade, study of the political sciences at the University of Vienna, training capability for the teaching profession of the stenography at middle schools.

Private sector, unemployed, secretary of the SdP vienna/Fünfhaus 1932-1934, planning manager of a food company 1936-1945,

Director/conductor of the press office of the Viennese fair AG 1946, attorney 1965, director of executive committee of the Viennese fair AG 1966 ;


Entrance into the SdP 1919, party official starting from 1920, vice-president of the free trade association of Austria 1959-1971, chamber advice of the chamber of the commercial economy Vienna and member of the section line tourism 1960.

Political imprisonment : 1934 detention.

Abg. to the national council (V GP)   SPÖ
18.11.1947 - 08.11.1949
Member of the Upper House of Parliament   SPÖ
06.03.1953 - 14.12.1970
Deputy chairman of the Upper House of Parliament 01.07.1959 - 31.12.1959
Deputy chairman of the Upper House of Parliament 01.01.1964 - 30.06.1964
Deputy chairman of the Upper House of Parliament 01.07.1965 - 30.06.1968
Chairman of the Upper House of Parliament 01.07.1968 - 31.12.1968
Deputy chairman of the Upper House of Parliament   01.01.1969 - 14.12.1970

Produced on 30.12.1996

Alfred Porges wurde am 16 März 1902 in Wien geboren. Er besuchte die Handelsakademie und die Hochschule für Welthandel. Seine berufliche Laufbahn begann er als Parlamentsstenograph. 1919 kam Alfred Porges zur Sozialdemokratischen Partei und wurde wenig später Sektionsleiter und Bezirksvorstandsmitglied in Mariahilf. Währebd des Ersten Republik war er Mitglied des Republikanischen Schutzbundes, Bezirkrat und 1932 Bezirkssekretär in Fünfhaus. Bis 1934 wae er Sektionsleiter in der Bezirkorganisation Mariahilf.

1934 wurde Alfred Porges verhaftet und verlor Anstellung und Wohnung. Mit anderen Genossen hat er in den Jahren des Faschismus illegale Verbindungen aufgebaut war ständig Verfolguggen ausgesetzt.

Ab 1945 übernahm Porges wieder die Leitung einer Sektion und zahlreiche Beratungstätigkeiten im Rahmen der Bezirkorganisation Mariahilf.

Dann war er als zweiter Bezirksobmann in Mariahilf tätig. Alfred Porges war seit 1965 geschäftsführender Bezirksobmann nach Bruno Marek, von 1969 bis 1972 Bezirksobmann.

Ab 1945 bekleidete Alfred Porges die Funktion eines Bezirksrates von Mariahilf. Nach dem Tod von Paul Speiser am 8 November 1947 wurde er in den Nationalrat ent sandt. Bis zur nächsten Wahl im Jahr 1949 blieb er Abgeordneter zum Nationalrat. 1953 zog er in den Bundesrat ein. Wiederholt war Porges in dieser Zeit Vorsitzender-Stellvertreter der Zweiten Kammer des Parlaments.

1946 trat er als Pressereferent in die Wiener Messe AG ein, deren Vorstandsdirektor er 1966 wurde. Als Direktor der Wiener Messe AG wie auch als Wirtschaftsfachmann war Porges im In- und Ausland Geschätzt. Besondere Verdienste erward er sich als Vizepräsident des Freien Wirtschaftsverbandes, seine Leistungen wurden durch hohe Auszeichnungen gewürdigt. Er wurde Ehrenbürger des Stadt Wien und erhielt auch die Victor-Adler-Plakette. Mit Ausdauer, Verständnis und aus tiefster Überzeugung arbeitete er sein ganzes Leben lang für sozialistische Bewegung. Neben seinen zahlreichen anderen Aufgaben hielt er zweimal wöchentlich in Mariahilf Sprechabende ab. Er bemühte sich besonders um den Aufbau und Zusammenhalt der Partei.

Alfred Porges starb am 8 Oktober 1978."

Gedenktafel am Alfred Porges Hof, Gumpendorfer Strasse 62 :


Leonard (Lenny) Porges

The Gallery

Sheryl Leonard Galleries is committed to showcasing new and emerging artists whose work we believe possesses authentic artistic merit and value. While we offer an ample representation of established local, national, and international artists, we've chosen to avoid over-exposed artists whose work is easily accessible elsewhere.
We hope to provide a unique atmosphere in which non-conformist art and more traditional works can harmoniously share the spotlight. Understanding and accepting that tastes vary greatly, we hope that exposure to different styles of art in varying mediums may deepen everyone's appreciation for the skill and creativity of the artist.

People buy art for many reasons: we urge you to acquire artwork because you love it, because it speaks to you. Moreover, art accomplishes its magic in many ways: visit galleries and museums, attend concerts and plays, read poetry and listen to music. We believe that art should enhance not only your home, but your life.
Sheryl Cohen and Lenny Porges share extensive backgrounds in art and business. Baltimore-born Sheryl studied at the Baltimore Museum of Art, then majored in Art before taking up nursing to earn her professional credentials as an RN. In her travels, Sheryl has acquired art from Mexico, Europe, Asia, and Australia, as well as many parts of the United States. A Californian by birth, Lenny prefers to be regarded as a citizen of the world. With degrees in International Relations and International Economics, Lenny speaks French, German, and some Italian. During an international business career, he has traveled widely and has lived in Paris, Brussels, and Sydney.
The vividly diverse art collection that illuminates the Cohen-Porges home reflects the couple's eclectic personal tastes. Fine art and indigenous craft pieces range from Indonesian fishing traps, Chinese wooden screens, and Peruvian hand-woven baskets to a 19th century French armoire, a contemporary stone and glass coffee table, and modern ceramics. Walls are adorned with art that includes a Native American drawing by Frank Howell, contemporary black and white photographs, a radiant Don Hatfield print, a fanciful etching by Malaysian artist Eng Tay, a darkly provocative Roy Fairchild serigraph, and alluring figuratives by Charles Dwyer.

Family of Ernst Porges

Family Photo Lynne Pollinger's Bat-Mitzva 1976
right to left bottom row
Paul Herley, Ruth Tanner, Lenny Porges, Lynne Pollinger, Jeff pollinger,
Liz pollinger, Lillian seltzer, sol seltzer, louise pollinger, Iddy Ruthman
right to left middle row
Jean Herley, Harry Porges, Ernie Porges, Diane Porges Pollinger,
Norman Pollinger , Francis Pollinger , Rosalia Ruthman , Gery Ruthman,
right to left top row
Hedy Porges, Leo and Flo Romy

Hedy Porges @ 85 yo

                        Harry Porges @ 64 yo