Family of Sigmund Porges

  Platowsky married to Porges

Chaim or Hyman Platowsky (b. ca 1825), trade tanning, married Esther Rosenfelt.
         Hyman Platowsky changed his name to Porges (his mother's name) to avoid military persecution.
         They lived in Hradlek (Bohemia) near Prague and had 10 children.

Rosie Porges (b. 1845)
Julia Porges (b. 1847)
Johanna Porges (b. 1849)
Sally Porges (b. 1851)
Bernard Porges (b. 1853)
Emmanuel Porges (b. 1855)
Charles Porges (b. 1857)
Louis Porges (b. 1859)
Simon Porges (b. 1861)

Sigmund Porges married Emma Machal

Nettie Porges married Henry Tannenbaum, children Emma and Robert
Myron Porges (b. Dillon Colorado, raised Cripple Creek) married Fannie Gottberg

Evelyn Porges married Mike Corren

Suzanne Corren married Bert Steel
Craig Lee Corren, Attorney at law, CA

Emily Porges (b. 09/04/1911, prob. Pocatello) married Arch Gesas

Sally Gesas, Michael Gesas, Gloria Gesas

Myron Jr Porges
         (b. 1916 Albuquerque N.M. (U.S.A.), d. 1991 Pocatello, Idaho)
         (U.S.A.)) married Frances Braverman

Bruce Edward Porges (b. 1941, d. ?)) married to Letty Zvonek,
live in Plano, Texas, no children

Judith H. Porges (b. 1945,d. 2008) lived in Meridian (Idaho)
esther porges Esther Julienne Porges (b. 16/08/1983)
studies architecture at the University of Idaho (2006)

 Adrienne Lynne Porges-Timmermann (b. 1947)
         lives in Charles Town, West Virginia, married Ray Timmermann.
         One daughter : Gretchen Howell, lives in Price, Utah.

 Brent Alan Porges (b. 1950), d. ?) lives in Eagle, Idaho, married to Sharon-Hunter.

 Florence Porges (b. 28/05/1889, Cripple Creek Colorado) married Emil Glick
 Emma (Lolla) Porges (b. 31/12/1892, Cripple Creek Colorado) married Abe Wald
 Wanda Porges (b. Cripple Creek Colorado) married Lawrence Cohn
 Sigmund Porges married Ametie Meklinger

 Irene Porges (b. 20/08/1896, Cripple Creek Colorado) married Ben Ehrlich
 Edna Porges (b. 24/04/1898, Cripple Creek Colorado) married Sam Robins
 Helen Porges (b. Cripple Creek Colorado) married Adolf Vorenberg

 Source : Judith H. Porges from Boise (Idaho), 1993. Family Search, 2003 (


Myron Jr. Porges

" Optometrist.
married Frances Baverman, July 14 1940
Children : Bruce Edward (1941), Judith Helen (1945), Adrienne Lynne (1947), Brent Alan (1950).
Solo practice of optometry, Pocatello, Idaho.
Clubs : Pocatello Kiwanis, pres. 1956.

Source : Who's who in American Jewry (1980 Edition)