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Biography of Dan Porges

Dan Porges is an American Israeli photographer.
Upon Returning to his native Israel in 1996 from New York City, he did fashion and advertising photography, and started to do portrait photography.

Before and while photographing his subjects, Dan Porges softens them up with small talk and a friendly conversation.

He has a very direct style where his subjects usually look straight at the lens and talk to the camera with their eyes.
Porges also looks for his subjects best facial side and using proper studio lighting makes them look their best.
As a result he has been commissioned to take the portraits of some of the most prominent people in the world both in and outside of Israel.

He has photographed some of the most important politicians, writers, musicians and artists in the world.His portraits of Prof. Aaron Ciechanover and Prof. Avram Hershko, the Israeli Nobel Prize winners in Chemistry in 2004 and of Prof. Robert J. Aumann, winner of the prize in Economics in 2005, were published in the Nobel committee books.
Porges was also commissioned to take the P.R. photos of Deputy Prime Minister Shimon Peres, cellists Lynn Harrell and Ina Joost, violinist Julian Rachlin, conductor Uriel Segal, writers Andre Brink, David Grossman and Meir Shalev among many others.
Of course, Porges will photograph regular people as well.
Understanding music and rhythm and being a portraitist has helped Porges take some breathtaking musical and dancing portraits.
He has worked for many orchestras, among them the Israel Philharmonic.
This way Porges has portrayed many internationally famous musicians, his photos were published worldwide.
Images of violinist Itzhak Perlman were used by the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in a special book that came out for a White House ceremony in Dec. 2003, when Maestro Perlman received an award from President George W. Bush for his life time achievements.
The photographs of Maestro Zubin Mehta conducting have been widely published as well.

Quotes :

  • To Dan Porges, the man who has the eye of an eagle, thank you for the great photographs you took of me.
    (Shimon Peres, Deputy Prime Minister of Israel)

  • I told my wife I have been photographed by many photographers. Looking at the results I always thought I looked better in real life than in the photos, except for in the images Dan Porges took, where I looked better in the photos than in real life.
    (Prof. Avi Ravitzky, Jerusalem)

Dan Porges, Photographer
e-mail: dbporges@netvision.net.il

Dan Porges loves people.

"I like people to smile, to look pleasant, to appear young."
In every portrait, Porges attempts to make the people he loves "look the best they can in my eyes."
Portraiture is one of the most challenging and responsible, as well as rewarding, areas of photography.
The Jerusalem-born Porges asserts that "a good portrait captures the eyes, the essence, the soul of the person, and actually is also a portrait of the photographer."
In other words, a portrait is not only an interpretation of the subject, but also a reflection of the photographer's training, experience, personality and character.
Porges's father was a keen amateur photographer.
Because he died when Dan was a child, "anything connected with him made me nostalgic.
So I started playing with his camera, an old Contax that had been dropped so many times it didn't even take sharp pictures."

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