Family of Adolf Porges



This family is also refered to as "Porges in Pesinok" in the Geni database.

Read more about the jews and the city of Pesinok here.

 Moses Porjes (b. 1749<1809, d. ca 1857)

 Izak Porjes (b. 1776, d. 20/03/1860, Pezinok Slovakia) married Regine X (b. 17766, d. 20/08/1858, Pezinok)

   Ferdinand Porjes (b. 1802, d. 15/11/1878 Pezinok) married Eva X (b. 1810, d. 23/02/1880 Pezinok)

 Jakob Porjes/Porges (b. 08/08/1853 Cajla near Pesinok Slovakia then Hungary )

 Fanny Porges (b. 1850, d. 15/10/1853 Pezinok)

 Adolf Porges (b. Cajle - Slovakia 1843, d.1931)
        married Hermine (Mina) Koch (Cajle - Slovakia, b. 1844, d.1907) (photo)

 Abraham Porges (b. 28/09/1843 Szaila, Slovakia, d. 1931)
        married Hermine (Mina) Koch (b. 1844, d. 1907) (birth certificate)

(Abraham and Adolf are likely the same person)

 Albert Porges (b. 09/1868, Pezinok, d. 03/10/1868 (4 weeks)

 Clementine Porges (b. 1873, d. 6/8/1873 (31 weeks) Pezinok)

 Fanny Porges (b. 18xx, d. holocaust), married a lawyer in Budapest Hungary. They had 2 children. >
        Fanny and her husband were murdered in public during the Holocaust.
        Their bodies were thrown into the Danube.

 Ignatz Porges (d. Holocaust)

 Nathan Porges (d. Holocaust)

 Simon Porges

 Salomon (Samuel) Porges (Town Zohor - Bratislava - Slovakia, b. 26/11/1875, d. 30/03/1959
          New Brunswick NJ USA) Photo
         married  Helene Spitzer of  Vienna (Sastin Czech, b. 29/01/1879, d.20/06/1965).
         The Spitzers are mentioned in the family tree of Heinrich Porges.
          Served in the Hungarian army for Franz Joseph.   
          Migrated to Boston USA where he was a fruit and produce peddler.
          Moved to New Brunswick NJ in 1925

 Dr Nandor Porges (b. 04/1902, d.04/1959 New Brunswosk NJ USA)
        (see Bibliography)  married (1) Pauline Steinberg (b.09/1905, d.06/1957),
        daughter of Blanche Hindus and Louis Steinberg,
        and married (2) and Ruth X.
          Nandor P. was a research biochemist for the US Dept of Agriculture.

  Dr Arnold B. Porges (DDS) (Presburg - Hungary, b. 05/02/1932)
          married Eileen Kleiman ( b. 04/06/1936)

 Dr Stephanie Porges M.D. (b. 17/08/1963)
        married Dr Eric Wolfson ,
        daughter Nicole Shaina Wolfson (b. 03/93)

 Jennifer Lee Porges (?, b. 26/06/1965)
 Gregory Ian Porges (?, b. 12/08/1967)
 Marisa Lynn Porges (?, b. 09/1978)

 Dr Barbara Porges
        (b. 19/11/1936, d. Bryn Athyn PA USA 19/06/2012)
         (Public school principal in Philadelphia),
          married Burt Cohen (b. 08/12/1933)

 Paul Cohen (b. 15/03/58, d. 19/08/91)
        married Kelli Dietrich (b. 20/11/1958)
        Daughter : Madeleine Elizabeth Dietrich (b. 19/01/1990)

 Joshua Cohen (b. 08/03/1961)

 Josephine Porges (b. 10/03/1905) married Joseph Sathan (b. 1905, d. 1983)

 Robert Sathan (b. 1928) married Rhoda Stern, 2 children
 Anita Sathan (b. 1929) married David Monyek, 2 sons

 Walter Porges
        (b. 15/11/1906, d. 01/12/1986)
        married Rella Dorothy Nagy (b. 20/12/1910 NJ, d. 22/8/2003, NJ )
        (above photo of Walter and his daughter Roberta "Bobbie")

 Roberta "Bobbie" Porges Japka PhD (b. 15/10/1933, d.03/06/2017)
         ex-wife of Joe Japka

 Jay B. Japka (b. 1954) married Angie Japka,
          daughter Jessica
"I was born in Brooklyn NYC, but weaned in Highland Park, NJ which some may say is a distant suburb of NYC (how ya doin). After school I went exploring the USA. I ended my exploration in Los Angeles (yo dude) were I worked selling photographic supplies at a variety of camera stores. This lead to an opportunity as a field technician for a major photographic company in Dallas, TX (Howdy partner). For the next 16 years I honed my selling skills of photographic and video equipment till Norm and Evan pulled me from my humdrum life. I moved to Modesto in spring of 1996 for the second half of my life. I have a wonderful bride (Angie) and I have a beautiful daughter (Jessica) two cats and dog. I'm an endorphin junkie (sometimes needed at Prime Shine) and am proud to say I've finished over 100 triathlons including the Ironman in Hawaii."

 David E. Japka (b. 1956)
 married/divorced Dori J. Conpra 1983-2001,
2nd marriage to Karen R. Schetina on 02/03/2016.
David is a professional filmmaker based out of Hollywood CA.
He is a member of the Directors Guild of America (DGA).
Visit http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2288594 for a list of his entertainment projects also http://www.linkedin.com/in/davidjapkaprovides a comprehensive resume of David’s career.  

 Jillian E Japka (b. 1989) graduated Bennington College in VT and currently lives and works in Atlanta in the Architecture field  

  Eric P. Japka (b. 1992) attended Rowan College at Burlington County in NJ. He currently lives in Los Angeles, CA performing wholesale sales

 Jonathan R. Japka (b. 1958)
          married Lynne A. Eichenlaub (b. 1958),
          1 daughter Alexis Kathleen Japka (b 29/06/1996)
Janice Japka Carl (b. 1958)
          Married/Divorced Fred Carl,
          1 daughter Michelle Carl

Left to right, Jay Japka, Modesto CA, David Japka, Hollywood CA,
Janice Japka Carl, Winter Haven FL, Jonathan Japka, Cherry Hill NJ

 Edward "Ned" Porges (b. 22/02/1941)
        married (1) Barbara Brodsky 1974-1994,
        married (2) 2008 Phyllis Herzog, element. special education teacher.
        Retired Professor Emeritus Wash. Sta. Univ. and Highline College Seattle,
        1995 real estate agent and investor with Century 21.
        ( "Says he enjoys home brewed beer and motorcycle touring" )

 Benjamin Porges (b. 01/07/1978), in Seattle, software technician (2007) married Linda Yu, child :Mile Porges (b. 01/2017)

 Bethany Porges (b. 09/06/1983), graduate Simmons College Boston now in San Jose, CA (2007) married Jake Millan ; Child Chance Millan (b.12/2015)

David Nandor Porges (b. 09/12/1985), 3rd year @ Northeastern Univ. Boston (2007)

 Jason Eli Porges (b. 09/12/1985), 3rd year student @ Northeastern Univ. Boston (2007)

 Norman Porges (b. 23/10/1942) divorced Wilma Gertz
"I was born in New York City and completed my higher education at the University of Denver. I started out in corporate America, traveling the country solving business problems for Fortune 100 companies such as Squibb Pharmaceutical and Beatrice Foods. The tenth move in my 20-year business career was to Modesto to manage a large frozen food distribution and storage facility. I opened the first Prime Shine in 1991 after vowing to “change the way people think about car washing”. I continue to live in Modesto and enjoy good food and wine, extensive travel, and that occasional round of golf. " http://www.primeshine.com/

 Ronna Porges ( b. 27/12/1967) married Cary Large

 Evan Porges ( b. 30/07/1969)
" I was born in Chicago, raised in both Los Angeles and Modesto and then went to college in Tempe, Arizona. Through college I enjoyed a multitude of jobs including fast order cook, retail sales at Sears, and delivering furniture for one of Phoenix’s premier furniture companies. After graduating from Arizona State University with a degree in Political Science in 1991, I joined a small start up company called Prime Shine Express. Over10 years later, I am proud to have been a vital part of a great team who have conceptualized and created the Prime Shine system." http://www.primeshine.com/

 Frederick Porges
        (Cambridge Mass, b. 29/07/1908, d. 28/09/2006)
        married Anna Berkow (b. ca 1911 NJ USA, d. 1994 Florida USA)

 Judith Porges Hollander (b. 02/20/1942) (jhollan55@msn.com)
          Doctorate in Psychiatric-Mental Health nursing,
          Indiana University School of nursing

 Michael Hollander (b. 09/30/1964),
          Doctorate in Mathematics, University of Washington
 Emmett John Hollander (b. 01/05/1968)


        Stephen W. Porges ( b. 06/01/1945) married Dr C. Sue Carter 

 Eric Porges (b. 27/07/1980)
        married Jenny Applebaum

 Seth Porges 

Seth Porges is a New York-based writer. His work has appeared in dozens of publications, including Men’s Health, Men’s Journal, PC Magazine, and BusinessWeek. (2007, http://crunchgear.com) (2012 http://www.sethporges.com/)

Seth Porges Broadcast / TV reel 2019

 Ralph Porges (b. 01/1912 Princeton NJ USA, d. 09/05/1998 NJ, USA)
          married Gertrude Arobson (b. 05/01/1915 Philadelphia PA USA, d. 04/11/1980)
          and Bernice Miller

 Ronald Porges ( b. 10/1945) married Judy Goetz

 Robby Porges

 Norman Porges (b. 10/1950) married Robin Field

 Gerald Scott Porges (b. 11/1983)
 Kimberly Ann Porges (b. 02/1986)

 Mina Mathilda "Minnie" Porges (b. 13/09/1913 Brookline MA, d. 26/03/2007 NJ) 
         married Frank Schoenbrunn (d.) and Larry Meyer (d.),
         2 daughters : Marylin (b. 14/7/1941) married William Rix (they have four sons),
                               Elaine (b. 30/05/1954) married Roger Broyles (+ one daughter)

 Rosalie Porges ( b.28/10/1915, d. 27/10/2004 NJ USA)
        married Pincus Glichlick and Sigfried Marx.
        Son : Richard Marx (b. 17/01/1945 NJ USA, d. 10/06/1955 (10yo))
        Daughter : Barbara married Arnold Tracy (d. 11/2018)

 David W. Porges (b. 15/10/1917, d. NJ 20/01/1988)
        married Lillian Kuker(b. 24/12/1921, d. 15/08/2001 NJ USA)

 Russell E. Porges (b. 04/05/1948) lives in Massachussets,
         married 1972 Ellen S. Liebson (b. 02/03/1950).
          Live in Mount Laurel, NJ
         Russell is Director of Inventory and Logistics CardioNet Inc, PA
         Ellen works for Social Security Admin., Cherry Hill, NJ ( 03/2007)

 Rachel Leigh Porges (b. 18/04/1977),
         Advertising Manager Unilever Corp. Englewood Cliff
         Lives in Hoboken, NJ      

  Daniel E. Porges (b. 31/03/1980)
        works for Xenith LLC, married Lindsey Borr
        They have 3 children
         Independent educator. They live in Natick, MA(2011)
          "We are also avid wine collectors
            and I am a long time motorcycle enthusiast"

 Donald K. Porges (b. 18/3/1950)

        married Kathryn Boxer (b. 05/09/1950). Live in Boynton Beach, FL.
        Partner at Porges & Lorah, CPA. http://www.porgesandlorah.com

 Matthew S. Porges (b. 08/01/1978) lives in Astoria, NY.
"I am an attorney who has been practicing employment litigation for more than four years.
My experience includes conducting depositions, drafting trial court briefs and appellate briefs, drafting complaints, negotiating settlements, and representing clients at mediation, arbitration, and trial.
I have represented clients in state and federal courts and before state and federal agencies, including the EEOC and the New York State Division of Human Rights.
I have also handled cases in the areas of federal civil rights, defamation, commercial law, trusts and estates, and landlord-tenant.
I was co-counsel in Fishman v. TBTA, in which a jury in the Southern District of New York found for my client on the client's federal, state, and city claims of religious discrimination and retaliation.
The jury returned a verdict of $735,000 plus back pay and costs and fees. 
In addition, I recently tried a federal employment law case almost entirely by myself, including giving the opening and closing statements and handling all direct examinations and cross examinations. "
(Source : Matthew Porges, 09/2009)

 Jonathan T. Porges (b. 18/11/1981)
          lives in Boynton Beach, FL

 Philipp Porges (b. 6/11/1880, d. 8/21/1947) (american naturalization 06/22/1945)
        married Ida Winter (b. 8/12/1887, d.11/1977)

 Armin Porges (b. 9/7/1909, d. 2/11/1977)
         married Edith Riess (b. 8/10/1913, d. 1/9/2001)

 Evelyn Porges (b.10/7/1942) married William Rubin (b.11/5/1940)

 Gayle Rubin (b. 5/10/1965)
married Mark Santamaria (b. 6/18/1961). They have 2 children.

 Mark Rubin (b. 5/8/1968) BS Physics and Electrical Engineering 

 Joyce Porges (b. 10/10/1944) married Harvey Wallenstein (b. 8/19/1943)

  David Wallenstein (b. 8/25/1969)
          married Diane Gittelsohn (b. 2/24/1968). 3 children.
   Lauri Wallenstein (b. 12/18/1972)
          married Andrew Beckman(b. 3/1/1972). 2 children.    

   Vilma Porges (b. 8/3/1912, d. 4/3/1989)
            married Ludolf Stern (b. 4/ 23/1907, d. 9/10/1993)

 Irving Stern (b. 12/10/1943)
         married Brenda Muckelberg (b. 2/18/1945) They have 2 children. 

 Ernest Porges (b. 12/25/1916, d. 5/7/2001)
        married Frances Arkin (b. 3/9/1923, d. 5/11/1997)

 Phyllis Porges (b. 6/22/1951) married Alan Cohen (b. 5/4/1951).

 Mark David Cohen (b.09/08/1976, d. 31/10/1976)

 Marlene Porges (b. 12/22/1952, d. 12/21/2010)

Source : Evelyn Porges Rubin (2017

 Max Porges (b. Zohor Hungary 1886, d. Boston 1965)
          married Yetta (aka Jetta , probably Henrietta) Feldbauer (b. 18xx, d. 1965).
          He was a cabinet maker in Boston. (photo)       Source : Julie Klas (2013)

 Irving Porges (b. 09/02/1912 Massachussetts, d. 12/21/2012),
         lived in Peabody Mass. (photo)

 Denise Porges (b. 1937) married Gould, in Swampscott, Mass.

 Albert Harold Porges (b. 07/02/1939 Massachussetts, d. 02/28/2014)
married  1 Eugenia T IV Copeland 1958 divorced 1970,
married 2 Ann Bonasera,
married 3 Lydia M. D'Eramo (b. 20/07/1955) (Lydia is Albert's 3rd wife).
" Hair Stylist for 48 years (owner of The Looking Glass Salon), and Avid gun collector for 48 years and later
I became a gun dealer of high quality collectible guns.
I have always had a passion for motorcycles.
Ariel Square One was one of the unique ones I had. Also love Porsche.
Exotic Cat Breeder and Director of the Endangered Species Conservation Federation for 4 years.
Avid Harley Davidson rider and avid Gun collector and Dealer in Fine Firearms.
Update 2009 : I raised Snow Leopards and was International Director of the Endangered Species Conservation Federation (LIOC) for 8 years.
I worked with all types of Endangered Species and had my own compound of 7 animals give or take at any one time.
I have finally retired from the working with Exotic Felines."

 Scottt L. C. Porges (b. 1958) lives in Wayland, Ma,
        owner of American Motorcycles
        Daughter : Kelli Porges

 Eugenia T V Porges (b. 1960) lives in Provincetown
        and is an artist in residence at Tristan Gallery.
        In Truro (2010).

 Keith A. M. Porges (b. 1964)
        lives in W. Bridgewater MA and owns Advance Motors
        Children : Kyle Porges, Keith Porges, Matthew Porges
Source : Albert H. Porges (2004, 2009)

 Gigi Porges (b. ?, d. ?)
 Gerald E. Porges (b. ?, d. ?) lives in Colorado

 Armin Porges (b. New York 1913, d. Florida 2002) (photo)
He was in the auto parts recycling business. He served in WWII.
         married Becky Strachman (b. Mass. 1918, d. Florida 1997).
         The family moved from Massachussets to Florida in 1952.

 Ann Lois Porges (b. Mass. 1948), attorney,
          married Phil Dodson, lives in Macon Georgia

Paul David Porges (b. Brockton Mass. 1952)
          married Susan Cone (b. Cleveland Ohio 1957).
          He is V.P. of a commercial construction company.
          She is an artist specialized in calligraphy and illustration.
          She also designs Ketubots. They live in Cleveland Ohio.

 Adam Matthew Porges (b. 1984)
Alexa Jill Porges (b. 1990)

 Hermina (Minna) Porges (b. Flint Mich.1916, d. Needham 14/12/2008) (photo)
        married Charles Winter (d. Boston 17/07/2010). Lived in Needham Mass.
        5 children : Donna, Ruth Taylor (3 children), Frank, June Nieto(3 children) and Mark Winter (3 children)

 Irene Porges (b. Reed City Mich. 1918, d. Clearwater, Florida, 11/2018) (photo)
        married David Bloomberg.

 Eva Porges (b. Hyde Park Mass. 1920, d. 1934 of ruptured appendix)

 Edward (Ede?) Porges (b. Zohor/Slovakia 1882, d. ?) (birth certificate)

 Karl Porges (d. Chicago 1957)

 Robert Porges

 Magda Porges (d. Budapest 1971)

Eva Porges (d. Budapest 2000),

 Marian Gràner, lives in Budapest (2019)

    This family may be related to the family of Joseph Porges.

    Sources :
    Dr Barbara Porges Cohen (Huntingdon Valley PA),
    Dr Arnold B. Porges (Penn Valley PA),
    Frederick Porges (Miami FL), 1993,
    Stephen Porges (Maryland) 2000,
    Susan Cone (Susie Porges) 2004,
    Evelyn Porges Rubin 2007
    Mariann Gràber (Hungary) 2007,
    Matthew Porges (2009)
    Edward Porges (2018),
    David Japka (2019)
    Geni database (2019)

Photo album of
the Adolf Porges family

Top row: Father Samuel Porges holding Rosalie, mother Helene Spitzer, Josie, Nandor
Bottom row: Walter (father of Edward "Ned" Porges), Ralph, Mina, Fred. (Not yet born, David)
Boston ca 1915
Source : Edward "Ned" Porges


                            Adolf (1843-1931) and Mina (1844-1907) Porges


                          Max (1886,1965) and Jetta (18xx,1965) Porges

                                    Max Porges & Jetta Porges
          with their children : Armin, Minna, Irene & Irvin (a.k.a. Irving) Porges

Stephen W. Porges , Ph. D.

Stephen W. Porges

General Research Area:

Developmental psychophysiology;
physiological basis for individual differences in cognitive and affective processing.

  Areas of Student Supervision:

Psychophysiology; physiological mechanisms related to individual differences in emotional and behavioral regulation, psychopathology.





UIC has created a new interdisciplinary research unit called the Center for Developmental Psychobiology to explore mind-body interactions through the life-span. Stephen Porges and C. Sue Carter, world-renowned researchers in the field, joined UIC this month and will serve as co-directors

Part of UIC's Institute for Juvenile Research, the center will be an intellectual magnet for scientists interested in social behavior, behavioral pathology, developmental disorders and emotional regulation from several disciplines, including endocrinology, neuro-anatomy, neurobiology, psychiatry and psychology. For Porges and Carter, who are married to one another, the establishment of the center at UIC fulfills their career-long goal of creating an interdisciplinary research center with talented colleagues who share their dedication to studying neuro-biological models of social behavior and translating this knowledge into treatment strategies for clinical populations.

Social and behavioral sciences have long tried to explain and treat such urgent clinical problems as autism, post-traumatic stress disorder, rage, conduct disorders and attention-deficit disorders. "Unfortunately, we still do not understand the causal mechanisms underlying these disorders," Porges said. "We know little about the factors that make one individual vulnerable and another resilient. Treatments based on behavioral, psychological and pharmacological models have had limited success but have fallen far short of the ideal."

An alternate model is needed that incorporates our understanding of human neurobiology and how neuro-biological states mediate and regulate behavior and the range of psychological experiences, Porges said. The new center's research will focus on applying neuro-biological principles and knowledge in developing explanations and treatments for dysfunctional behavior.

"Porges and Carter are real stars in the world of psychobiology," said Dr. Joseph Flaherty, head of psychiatry. "They and their research expand the collective research efforts here in uncovering the mechanisms that govern human behavior and well-being. Their work will bring significant contributions to a bio-psycho-social model of understanding the development of normal and pathological behavior."


Porges and Carter come from the University of Maryland, where Porges was chair of the department of human development and director of the Institute for Child Study and Carter was a distinguished university professor in the department of biology. Porges has been active in several national and international professional organizations. He has served as president of the Society for Psycho-physiological Research and is currently the president of the Federation of Behavioral, Psychological and Cognitive Studies, a consortium of 20 prominent research-oriented societies. He is a fellow of several divisions of the American Psychological Association and a charter fellow of the American Psychological Society.

Porges has been awarded numerous research grants from organizations such as the National Institute of Mental Health, the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, the Maternal and Child Health Bureau of the Federal Human Resources Service Administration, the Unicorn Children's Foundation and Cure Autism Now. He currently has a grant from the National Institute of Mental Health to study the neurobiology of social development in children. He has been awarded a patent for a methodology that enables the dynamic assessment of the neural regulation of the heart. The methodology is being used in more than 100 laboratories worldwide. Porges is currently conducting research on a new biologically based behavioral intervention designed to enhance the social behavior of autistic children. He has written or contributed to more than 200 academic journal articles and publications.

Carter's research has focused on the biology of attachment behavior, particularly in relation to hormones like oxytocin. In addition to her ongoing research supported by the National Institutes of Health, Carter is writing a book on the biology of monogamy. Carter is a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the International Society for Behavioral Neuroscience. She is a member of the Animal Behavior Society, the International Academy of Sex Research, the International Society of Psycho-neuro-endocrinology, the International Society for Neuro-endocrinology and the Society for Neurosciences.

She has received grants from the National Science Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation, and currently directs a large program project grant sponsored by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development that examines the developmental consequences of oxytocin. Carter has written or contributed to more than 200 academic journal articles and publications.

February 13, 2001

Links to Stephen W. Porges web pages :

Family of Eduard Porges

  Father XX married Josefine Porges (b. Bosing, Cajla, Pesinok)
  Father X married Pauline Porges (b. Vienna 19/03/1866)
   Eduard Porges (b. Pressburg 02/06/1891, d. 1967)
          married Katarina Pragant (b. Pressburg 03/04/1896, d. 1963)
   Eduard Porges (b. Bratislava 04/05/1923, d. Köln 2007) PhD.
          Chemiker, Bayer AG, Köln

  Jan Hanzi Porges (b. Bratislava 05/12/1921) Slovak Philarmony Choir
        married Anna Nater (b. Hiadel' 10/02/1931) Slovak Philarmony Choir singer
  Katarina Porges (b. Bratislava 07/04/1963)
        Mgr. teacher, Pforzheim
        married Leon Tvardik, Pforzheim.
        They have two children, David and Nicolette.

  Marcel Porges (b. Bratislava 09/11/1960)
        PhD. private company, electronics
        married Vladimira Daubner (b. Bratislava 27/10/1963)
        Mgr. teacher of history.
  Oliver Porges (b. Bratislava 11/09/1987)
            student CVUT Prague (2007)

  Eduard Porges (b. 19/01/1999) student, Bratislava (2007)
   Source : Marcel and Oliver Porges (2007)    http://www.porges.net/FamilyTreesBiographies/EduardPorges.html

Ned Porges

1974-1994 retired Professor Emeritus Wash. State Univ. and Highline College Seattle WA.,
College of Busn.,Department Chair: Hospitality and Tourism Mngt.

1995-present (2007) real estate agent and investor with Century 21.
Enjoys home brewed beer and motorcycle touring and sharing his life with Phyllis Herzog, elementary special ed teacher.


Porges Children, Seattle WA 2006
Top to bottom, left to right
Jason, Benjamin, David & Bethany

                         Ned Porges


Norman Porges
Norm porges
Norm Porges

Norm Porges is the owner of Prime Shine Express Car Washes, with several locations throughout California's central valley. Porges runs the carwashes with his son, Evan, who is the general manager, and daughter, Ronna, who handles quality control.
In 1984, after 20 years of traveling the country for Fortune 100 companies, Porges settled in Modesto, Calif. as West Coast vice president of a cold storage distribution company.
Porges opened the first Prime Shine Express location in 1991.
Porges is a supporter of the arts and believes in contributing to the educational needs of the community. He has served on the boards of the Rotary Club, Modesto Symphony, Modesto Chamber of Commerce, California State University, Stanislaus and Del Rio Country Club. Some of the many distinguished awards presented to Porges or his company include Small Business of the Year, the Five-Star Customer Service Award and the Sam Walton Business Leader Award

Source : http://www.primeshine.com/

Norm Porges Receives Sam Walton Business Leader of the Year Award

norm porges  & Co
Norm Porges shares his Business Leader Award with his staff at Prime Shine Express.
Pictured left to right are: Tim Harms, Ronna Large, Wilma Porges, Norm Porges,
Jay Japka, Evan Porges, Ken Smith, and Carie Yohannan.

Norm Porges was presented the Sam Walton Business Leader Award by Linda Holway of Wal-Mart at the October Chamber Board meeting.  Porges received the honor in recognition of his contributions to the community and for exemplifying the principles of Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton.
Porges told the Chamber Board, “When we opened our doors in 1991, one of our guiding principles was to become active in our community and to give back to those communities that help make Prime Shine Express successful,” . Prime Shine currently has five locations in Modesto, Ceres, Turlock and Merced, and further expansion is planned, Porges said.
“To receive this award named in honor of an individual I truly respect and admire is just amazing,” he said. Developed in 1995, to-date Wal-Mart has donated more than $700,000 to Chambers across the country in honor of their local award recipients. Past Modesto award winners include David Halvorson of American Chevrolet and Royal Robbins, owner of Royal Robbins, Inc.

Source : Modesto Progress, An Award Winning Publication Recognized by the American Chamber of Commerce and Western Association of Chamber Executives

Scottt Porges
Scottt Porges

Owner of American Motorcycle Service in Framingham, Massachussets.

Web site : http://www.highly-dangerous.com/

Albert Harold "Al" Porges

My Bike is a 1998 Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail.
I live in Mass.
Have done many rides but this summer, Montreal from Boston was great.
This early spring, went fly-and-drive through Harley to Arizona and did Sedona, Cave Creek, Oak Creek Canyon, Grand Canyon and Monument Valley along with Santa Fe, but of course, had to go through Winslow, AZ and stand on the corner. 2000 mile trip of a lifetime.
Can't wait to do it again. Good riding.
Al Porges


Eugenia Porges

" Originally from Boston, I am primarily a self-taught artist but also studied at The Museum School of Fine Arts in Boston. I began showing my work in Provincetown in 1997.
My experience over the past thirty years has varied from more traditional mediums including wood sculpture, oil painting, and drawing, to highly detailed antique and mechanical restorations. During this same period I have collected objects including salvaged hardwoods, metals, glass, and antique hardware. About twelve years ago I began to incorporate the skills and techniques that I have learned with my collection of objects. Through physical manipulation of these materials, along with the incorporation of key elements such as old photos and nostalgic icons, I try to create works conveying an intimate narrative.
There have been a number of artists and art movements that have influenced my philosophy and artwork over the years. Among them are artists of the Dada and Surrealist movements. Their unconventional mediums of expression have inspired my attempts to use items discarded by society as raw materials in expressing an often-subjective message."

Ede, Abraham and Ferdinand Porges

Courtesy of Mariann Gràner (Budapest) 2007

History of the city of Pezinok

town in Slovakia
part of Czechoslovakia 1918–1991
since then the Slovak Republic

In 1450 Jews were permitted to live in Pezinok, which was inhabited by Germans and Slovaks.
In 1529 Counts Wolfang and George von Pezinok and St. George, who were heavily in debt to Jews, began to imprison local Jews. When the mutilated body of a young boy was found, it was deemed an act of Jewish ritual murder.
The imprisoned Jews were tortured in the main square until they confessed to the murder and other crimes.
On May 21, 1529, some 30 men, women, and children were burned at the stake.
Only children under 10 were pardoned and were converted to Christianity.
The pardon granted to the victims by Emperor Ferdinand I reached them late.
Jews were prohibited to live in Pezinok or even spend a night.
In 1540 the Protestant reformer Andreas *Osiander published a booklet repudiating the Pezinok blood libels and incriminating the count who started it.
The booklet was attacked by Johann Eck and repudiated by Martin *Luther.
In 1609 the counts of the Palffy family allowed Jews to settle on their land and in Cajla (Zeile).
They allowed them to build a synagogue and to lead a communal life.
The prohibition to live in Pezinok, except for the Palffy estates, continued until 1840 ; the community prospered but was forced to pay a "toleration tax."
In 1843 a German-language private school was opened ; in 1856 it was taken over by the Jewish community.
In 1874 a new synagogue was built; it was destroyed in 1958.
In 1781 there were 88 Jews on the Palffy estate.
The census of 1785/87 lists 304 Jews.
In 1830, there were 220 ; in 1840 there were 271 ; in 1850 there were 280.
In 1857 there were 540.
In 1880 there were 321 Jews in Pezinok ; in 1919, 359 ; in 1930, 418 ; and in 1940, on the eve of the deportations, the Jewish community numbered 235.
In spite of the economic prosperity and flourishing communal life (after the 1868 Hungarian Jewish Congress, the community chose the Orthodox path), the Jews were on shaky ground.
In 1848–49, during the Spring of Nations, anti-Jewish disturbances swept the city.
In 1918, at the end of the World War I, antisemitic demonstrations, abuse, and looting hit parts of Slovakia.
Czechoslovak troops (the Legions) rescued the Jews of Pezinok and helped recover some of their property.
Between the wars, Jewish communal life flourished, although the congregation was sometimes unable to pay its employees.
The congregation had a variety of social, philanthropic, and religious installations.
The Zionist movement and the Jewish party were active in Pezinok.
Everything changed after March 14, 1939, with the proclamation of Slovak independence.
German SS units entered Pezinok.
On May 18 the Hlinka Guard (the Slovak Storm Troopers) assembled Jewish men in the synagogue, forcing them to demolish it and destroy the holy books.
Jews were attacked in the streets and in their apartments.
They were subjected to discriminatory legislation – their property was appropriated by gentiles and their belongings were legally looted.
In 1941, there were 175 Jews.
In the summer of 1942, the Jews were deported to Auschwitz.
German troops blew up the ancient cemetery, and the pulverized tombs were used as gravel in highway construction.
The Germans used the empty space to train their dogs.
Only a lapidarium was left to symbolize the former cemetery.
Few Pezinok Jews returned.
In 1947 there were 45 Jews.
Sixteen local Jews participated in the anti-Nazi struggle.
After 1948–49 most of the Jews emigrated, largely to Israel.
Maurice *Loewy, the French astronomer, member of the French Academy and for a time its president, was born in Pezinok.

History of Pezinoka town with the rich tradition loacted on the eastern slopes of Little Carpathian Mountains, was granted city royal priviliges, in the 13th century by King Ferdinand II, history of dynsaties Illeshazy and Palffy.
The name Pezinokinok is connected with the most tragical events of hungarian jewry.
In the year 1529, in Pezinokinok 30 innocent jews were burned, just like in Trnava, where similar vile happened events in 1494.
These events are connected to the whole hungarian jewry, we will make a picture of the history of these events.
If ones compares Hungray with the rest of Europe, one comes to conclusion that the situation of jews in Hungary was better than in the rest of the world.
During the crusader wars, King Koloman stopped the crusaders, who robbed jews of belongings and many times killed them, at the border.
In 1251, King Bela IV, made a law in which he gave rights to jews and protected them in times where in England and elsewhere in Western Europe, the jews were killed and beaten.
In the 15th Century, while in Czech and Moravia, the jews were heartessly killed under the excuses of poisoning wells and causing the Black Plague, the jews in Hungary lived in peace.
This was the reason that many jews moved to this region from all of Europe and settled on the territory of today's Slovakia.
This caused King Matej Korvin (1458-1490) established an office of jewish leadership, "Prince de Juifs."
The office was directly under the King's leadership and was responsible for the relationship between jewish and christian citizens.
During the leader of a weak king, Ludovet II (1506-1526) the situation of jews worsened - together with the deteriotation of the country the situation of jews worsened, and anti-semitism grew.
The center of these moods were especially towns in the western part of the country - Bratislava, Sopron, Pezinokinok and Budapest.
It is not a coincidence that in the 13th Century, King Bela IV, invited the germans to live especially in these towns.
There were competition meetings between the jews and germans leading to agurments, conflicts and finally pogroms.
The fact that the jews lent money with intrest, and led a different lifestyle, made it even worse.
Anti-semitisim was partly helped by the church, which by the Pope's orders supported the conversion of jews.
Pezinok was one of the cities with strong german influence.
The older middle-aged history of the town in unknown, the archives and documents are not ogragnized yet.
You can say with a certainty that the jews with the support of King Bela IV, settled in Pezinok in the 13th century.
They lived a part called "Zeile" (today caled Cajla) in documents it is called "The Jewish Meadows."
Today we can't say how the religous life was at that time, if they had prayer houses, synagouges, or something similar, we don't even know when they were allowed to move "intra muros," inside the walls.
There are documents that jews were here and baptized.
One of them was Briccius, an instigator who caused the jewish people, his former comrades, alot of problems, and played a major roll in burning the 30 jews.
In 1529, about 150 jews lived in Pezinok.
In 1529 a body of a nine year old boy, Johann Meilinger, was found.
The Germans immediately accused the jews of killing him for ritual reasons.
Due to that fact, many jews were imprisoned, tortured them, and the executioners made them admit to killing them.
30 jews, men and women, were dragged to a site, and burned.
As is written in the lexicon by Korabinasky from 1786 that they called this part of town, even today, 'the jewish hill' and the children under 10, were spared and brought up as christians.
As we mentioned, there are many [german] documents about this event, which describe not just the events, but the invistigation of individual defendants, with their names and type of torture.
Because of these events, the jews in Vienna, asked King Ferdinand to investigate this case.
The King appointed Count Salama, but the results were unknown.
Also Darina Lehotska in her monogrpahy about the history of Pezinok mentions the events without commanteries.
After the 1529 massacre, the jews left Pezinok.
Not even a century later, when Pezinok became property of Count Palffy who was known for his progressive and humanistic ideas.
There is a document from 1620 where a priest from Pezinok, Jan Bod is complaining to Peter Pazmanyi is requesting to return the items of the Pezinok church which were pawned to jews.
Other documents show that in the beginning of 17th Century, the jews settled in Zeile this property belonged to Count Palffy.
Because of that, the synagouge, which was built at that time was called "Palffy-shul" the jews lived near that synagogue.
Nearby was the first, maybe second, cemetary.
The first Mikvah in Pezinok was built at that time.
The religous life was renewed.
In the first half of the 18th Century any documents from then show that jews led busy, social, and religous life, due to the good government and King who helped jews.
From documents it is known that in the 18th Century, jews lived quite comfortably.
In Pezinok, there were a few hundred of them, and they had their own rabbis.
Most famous was Aaron Moshe Aryeh Leb, who was in the office from 1780 until his death in 1830.
There is an important contract with Count Palffy, it talks about renting the meadows, the price of wine, and a few farmers markets. At the end of the contract, the Palffy vowed that they won't build houses around the wall and places where the merchants, businessmen and jews will live.
The jewish religous life in Pezinok reached a very high level in the 19th century proof of that is a long list of rabbis.
After Rabbi Leb(1832), Rabbi David Jisrael Schlesinger took over.
He studied at Chasam Sofer's yeshiva in Bratislava and refused any religous reforms.
He was a strict orthodox jew.
In the middle of the 19th century, Rabbi Jaffe Israel David Ben Mordechai took over, from his maternal side, he is a descendant of the famous Rabbi Low from Prague, the maker of the Golem.
He was rabbi until his untimely death in 1872.
After him, Benjamin Zev Schachter, Aron Willheim, Maeyer Landsbrg and Benjamin Fuchs.
The last rabbi in 1940 was Josua Schill he died in a concentration camp in 1944.
Since 1850 there were detailed books in the city of Pezinok, it is known that in 1851, two hundred and twenty-two jews lived in Pezinok.
They had all kinds of jobs, such as, Tailor, Baker, Optic, Duck feeder, milk man, merchant with horses, butcher etc.
In 1857, the number of jews grew to 533.
After establishing an Astro-Hungarian monarchy in 1867, the jews began to move to larger cities.
In 1904, there were only 350 jews in Pezinok.
They lived freely, not rich, not poor.
In 1867, they built an impresasive shul, near it was the cantor's house, mikvah, and a kosher slaughterhouse.
The importance of the town declined in the 18th century.
In 1942, 280 jews lived in Pezinok.
They were all deported.
Only 10 jews returned from concentration camps, but in 1960, only one jew lived in Pezinok. Today, not even that.