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  Paternal ascendance
  Full family tree since Natan Porges (1470)

  Rabbi Israel Naphtali Hirsch Porges (1580<b.?<1632) married Cipora Porges (b. 1575, d. 28/07/1646)


    Samuel Simcha Porges (1709<b.?<1769)

  Samuel Simcha Porges (1709<b.?<1769)
  Brother of : Simon simone Porges, Sarah Pascheles, Gabriel Porges, Abraham Porges, Franziska Jeiteles, Dawid Porges

Beer Samuel Porges
Samson Porges
Lewi Porges
Simon Jakob Porges
Salomon/Kallman Porges
Abraham Porges
Kopelman Porges
Markus Porges
Moses Porges (1744<b.?<1786)

Abraham Moses Porges (1728<b.?<1786, d. Prague 27/05/1808) married Maria Pereles (1738<b.?<1786, d. Prague 12/05/1843)

Rachel Teweles (b. Prague 19/07/1787)
Samuel Porges (b. Prague 14/12/1788)
Hirschman Porges (b. Prague 15/08/1792)
Rosa Porges (b. Prague 26/09/1793)
Emanuel Abraham Porges (b. Prague 29/12/1800)
Esther Porges Austerlitz (b. Prague 30/01/1803) Ancestor of Fred Astaire
Lipman Abraham Porges (b. Prague 15/08/1795, d.<1834)

Lipman Porges b. Prague 15/08/1795, d.<1834) married (03/08/1828, Prague) Anna Grab (b. Prague 30/08/1800).

  Sarah Porges (b. 1831)
  Emil Porges (b. Prague, 23/04/1853, d. ?)

  David Porges (b. Prague 1829, d. Prague 20/12/1917) "Leckerhändler" (dealer/trader)
  Esther Popper (b. Prague 23/12/1828, d. Prague 22/07/1881)


  Johanna Steinberg (b. Prague 1854)

  Carl Porges (b. Prague 1855, d. Pilsen 11/01/1917)

  Berta Flusser (b. Prague 1875, d. Hohenbruck 30/09/1925)
  Mathilde Flusser (b. ca 1858, d. 24/01/1908)
  Eduard Porges (b. Prague 26/03/1861, d. 22/02/1921)
  Emma emilie Lederer (b.1861, d. Prague 13/02/1921)
 Hugo Porges (1834<b.?<1888)
  Rudolf Porges (b. Prague 30/01/1864, d. Vienna 20/02/1923)
          (buried bur. Zentralfriedhof Wien, Tor IV, grave No. 10-17-83)
          married Mathilde Schwarz (b. 29/01/1868, she was deported 28.11.1941 from Vienna to Minsk)

  Paul Porges (b. 19/06/1896 Vienna, d. Zurich 8/1981) married Charlotte Posamentier (b. Vienna 23/05/1902, d. Florida 1986)
Lived I. Gonzagagasse 19 Vienna.(See Vienna phone books 1932/1936)

Walter Rudolf Porges (b. 26/11/1931 Vienna, d. 01/09/1999, New York)
married 22/12/1953 Jean Belle Mlotok (b. 03/12/1931 New York).
Until 1936, he lived Kölner Hof Gasse, 6-I, Vienna. In 1939, to avoid Nazi control and economic hardship, he was sent to England along with his sister Lisl.
They remained there until leaving for the USA in 1946.
He received a bachelor's degree from the City College of New York in 1953. He became a 35-veteran of ABC News, retired as VP news practices in 1993. He was responsible for enforcing the ABC News policies governing the gathering and airing of news. He lived in Hastings on Hudson, NY, USA.

Donald Frederick (Don) Porges (b. 10/04/1956 New York), computer engineer, lives in Cambridge, Mass.

  Marian E. Porges (b. U.S.A. 22/04/1960), TV News producer, lives in New York.

Lawrence M. Porges (b. 05/09/1961) Book Editor, National Geographic Society, Washington, DC.


Marian Porges and her brother, Larry Porges '79, stopped by School during a vacation in London this fall. Marian is a producer for NBC news in NYC and Larry is an editor with the National Geographic Society in Washington, DC. While touring the campus, they ran into a familiar face, Christine Rudolph '85, ASL's media services technician. Christine was "quite a terror," according to Marian, her former babysitter. With a wry smile, Christine agreed.



Lisl Porges Schick (b. Vienna 20/12/1927), lives in Florida.
married (1) Dr. Alfred Schick (d. 25/04/1993) on 17/07/1949
married (2) Dr. Abraham Levine on 01/04/1998
Children with Dr. Alfred Schick :

Kenneth Bernard Schick (b. 08/04/1953). Married. Two children.
Nancy Erna Schick (b. 07/09/1955).   Married. Two children.
Robert Oscar Schick (b. 15/06/1959).   Married. Two children.
Kathryn Bettina Schick (b. 08/08/1964). Married. Four children.

  Friedrich Porges (b. 13/12/1903 Vienna, d. holocaust). Lived Gonzagagasse 19. (See Vienna phone books 1932/1936).
Accepted limited forced labour in Nisko (read below) for 3 months on 27/10/1939.
It is unkown if he has been able to flee Russia after the 3 months or he became victim of the holocaust.
He never returned to Vienna.
(Source : American Red Cross further to Walter Porges' research).

Sources :
Donald Frederick Porges (New York), 1993 & 1997
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Walter Rudolf Porges
Occupation : Television news executive
Education : B.A., CCNY, 1953
Military : Served with U.S. Army, 1953-55.
Carreer :
  V. P. news practices, ABC News, N.Y.C.
1989-.. Fgn. news dir., ABC News, N.Y.C.
1983-89 Sr. producer, ABC World News Tonight
1978-83 Sr. producer, ABC Evening News
1977-80 Editorial producer, chief writer, ABC Evening News
1976-77 Coordinating producer, ABC News (Republican Nat. Conv.)
1976 Producer, ABC-TV spl. events, N.Y.C.
1975-76 European producer, ABC News, London
1970-73 Sr. producer, ABC-TV Evening News
1973-75 Asso. producer, ABC-TV Evening News
1968-70 Asst. assignment mgr., ABC-TV
1965-68 Asst. dir. radio news, ABC Radio Network
1963-65 News editor, ABC Radio Network
1960-63 News writer, ABC Radio Network, N.Y.C.
1958-60 News writer radio sta., WCBS Radio and TV, N.Y.C.

Source : Marqui's Who's Who, 1992



New York City

September 10, 1999

Walter Porges, a lifelong broadcaster who spent 35 years at ABC News and was a devoted Yankees fan, died on September 1 at St. John's Hospital in Yonkers, N.Y.

He was 67. Born in Vienna, Porges was evacuated to London from Austria in 1939.

After living for several years in England and Wales with his father and sister, Porges was reunited with his mother in America in 1945.

Later in his life, Mr. Porges returned to England and introduced his children to the families that sheltered him during the war, Porges' wife, the former Jean Mlotok, said.

"Even though he said very little about his past, I know that it impressed upon him the need to assist others," Porges' son Donald Porges said, adding that his father was particularly concerned with the needs of refugees.

Always interested in journalism, Porges wrote in the 1950s for the school newspaper while he was a student at City College of New York.

During his U.S. Army service, Porges was editor of the newspaper at his Army post. He later worked for several New York radio stations, before landing in 1958 at ABC News as a radio news writer and editor. Over the course of his 35 years with ABC, Porges held numerous positions, including associate producer, assistant assignment manager and director of foreign news coverage. Porges retired from ABC as the vice president of news practices in 1993.

While at ABC, Porges covered landmark events such as the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963 and the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. in 1968.

The chairman of ABC News, Roone Arledge, said that Porges was "particularly critical to maintaining the strong editorial standards of the news division."

Despite Porges' commitment to his career, he always put his family first, Mrs. Porges said.

No matter where in the world he was, he called his family every day, she said.

A stickler for accuracy and proper grammar, Porges was known for his precise command of the English language, his cousin Ellen Umansky, an editor at the Forward, said.

"He was a smart and generous-hearted man," Ms. Umansky said.

He is survived by his wife; two sons, Donald and Lawrence, and a daughter, Marian.

The Journal News


September 2, 1999

Walter Porges, a former longtime ABC News executive, died yesterday at St. John's Riverside Hospital in Yonkers. He was 67. Porges, a 35-year veteran of ABC News, retired as vice president, news practices, in 1993. He was responsible for : enforcing the ABC News policies governing the gathering, and airing of news. He had previously been director of foreign news coverage.

"In his long and distinguished career at ABC News, Walter was an important contributor to our success." said Roone Arledge, chairman of ABC News.

"He was particularly critical to maintaining the strong editorial standards of the news division. Walter was a wonderful person and will be missed by all of us."

Throughout his career in broadcasting, Porges reported on some of the most memorable stories in modern times, including the assassinations of President Kennedy in 1963 and the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. in 1968, and numerous U.S. manned and unmanned space launches. Porges was born in Vienna, Austria, on Nov. 26, 1931. In 1939, to avoid Nazi control and economic hardship, he was sent to England along with his sister, Lisl. They remained there until leaving for the United States in 1946. Porges received a bachelor's degree from City College of New York in 1953. Porges enjoyed playing tennis, gardening, bird watching and stamp collecting, and was an avid New York Yankees fan.

"He cared deeply about his work, but the most important thing was his family. ..and we have learned a lot from him," his daughter Marian Porges said. In addition to his daughter, he is survived by his wife, Jean, of Hastings; and two sons, Donald of Boston and Lawrence of Washington, D.C. A funeral will be held at 11:15 a.m. tomorrow at the Riverside Memorial Chapel, 180 W. 76th St., New York City. The family asks that donations in his memory be sent to either the Porges Family Fund at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Hospital, 633 Third Ave., 28th Floor, New York, NY 10017; or to Temple Beth Shalom, 740 N. Broadway, Hastings-on-Hudson, NY 10700.



Walter died on September 3, 1999. Below is a reading from his memorial service.

Walter R. Porges: A Celebrated Life

Good morning. I rise here today, not to mourn Walter but to celebrate his life.
My own mother and father did not cooperate in giving me a brother. So, in 1961, I contrived to have Walter adopt me as his. I am honored to be asked to be here, but I plan to State the Obvious - Walter Helped People.
And he helped people become better people.
Walter helped anchor men and women to become better broadcasters. And he helped desk assistants to become anchor men and women. Walter was an 'equal opportunity' helper.
When he was a writer, editor and producer, Walter helped news people become better journalists. When he was Vice President of News Practices, Walter helped journalists become more honest journalists.
He even helped his fellow executives to become more human executives.
Walter did all this on the Q.T. We were friends and colleagues for 38 years, and I don't know the full extend of his caring and sharing.
He never spoke about it. I saw only glimpses while sitting around the rim - or when I heard about it from the man grateful recipients who told me of Walter's generosity to them.
I think of Walter as a 'stealth mensch'.
Charles Gibson - in his evening news tribute on Wednesday got it exactly right.
Walter was "smart and decent".
Charlie did not have enough air time to list all of Walter's qualities:

  • Wit and warmth
  • Honesty and modesty
  • Towering rectitude, and
  • Sense of fun.

Walter had an utter lack of self-aggrandizement in a business life with egotism. By his deeds, by the example of his life, Walter flashed a powerful light into peoples' lives ... helping us all to become better people for having known him, and for having been illuminated by his beaccon.
That beacon goes on shining for us - as we celebrate Walter's extraordinary life.

Robert Siegenthaler, September 3, 1999

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Lisl (Schick) & Walter Porges
Birth Place: Vienna, Austria

Lisl was 11 and Walter was 7 when the siblings were loaded onto the Kindertransport to England. They lived in South England until they were evacuated when the German army started bombing the East coast. Then they lived in Monmouthshire which was on the border of Wales and is now part of Wales. Their father managed to come to England and lived in the same town during 1942-1944. Their mother was able to get to the United States but they were not able to join her until January 1945.
Lisl & Walter Porges Lisl & Walter Porges
Lisl & Walter Porges
before going on the Kindertransport
Lisl & Walter Porges in the United States
in recent years


Lisl (Schick) Porges
Birth Date: December 20, 1927, Vienna, Austria

Lisl Schick of Clearwater, Florida, is a member of the Southeast Region Area Development Center Team and the National Board. She is a former National Vice President of Hadassah.
Lisl previously served for three years as Chair for Region Conferences in the National Coordinated Training Department. She also served Hadassah in many areas including leadership roles in the membership Department, Organization Department and Major Gifts Department.
She was the first Membership coordinator of the eight regions that make up the Southern United Network (SUN) Co-op.
Lisl held many important portfolios on the board of the Clearwater Chapter of Hadassah, including president from 1974-76. She subsequently served the Florida Region and the Florida Central Region in many capacities, including Area Service Vice President and Organization Vice President, culminating in the Presidency of the Florida Central Region from 1982-85.
She is a mother of two sons and two daughters, and proud grandmother of eight grandsons and four granddaughters. Lisl and her late husband , Dr. Alfred Schick, were recipients of the Generations Award, and honor bestowed on them by the State of Israel Bonds. In memory of her husband, Mrs. Scchick became a member of the Golden Wreath Society.

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