Family of Joseph Porges

Family tree of Joseph Porges


Joseph Porges (Austria, b. 1875, d. 1920), moved from Austria to Butler Pennsylvania at the turn of the century.
         married Sara Ethel

Harry (Hirsch Tzvi) Porges (b. Brooklyn 1902, d. Butler Pa 1982) married Sophie Messer.
He had 2 sisters : Clara Gordon and Jessie Boyar

Irwin Gale (Yitzhak) Porges (b. 10/08/1928, d. Brooklyn NY 1991) married Lila Zugastry

Andrew J. Porges (b. Brooklyn NY 18/10/60 ) married Deborah Yourish

Zachary Ian Porges (b. NY 19/6/92)
Ilana Michelle Porges (b. Long Island NY 1994)
Avery Scott Porges (b. NY 03/26/2002)

Ellen Randy Porges (b. NYC 1958) married Andrew Dannenberg (family tree).
          Ellen is a Managing Director of Goldman Sachs (2000).

Jordan Paige and Kyle Innis Dannenberg (b. 1993)

Cary Gale (b. 1998)

Robert E. Porges (b. Brooklyn 1938) married (1)  Irene Gamberg

Hillary Porges Ahearn (b. 1968) married Stephen Ahearn

Justine Porges (b. 1973)

married (2)  Sheery Lu Porges

Heather Porges (b. 2002)
Alicia Porges (b. 2002)

Sources : Andrew J. Porges and Ellen R. Porges, 1993 & 2002, Hillary Ahearn, 2018

Andrew J. Porges

Rheumathologist (M.D. Cornell University), Roslyn, NY.

- Princeton University, Princeton, NJ A.B. 1982 (Summa Cum Laude in Biochemistry; thesis: "Application of Phosphorescence Anisotropy to the study of Chromatin Structure" Supervisor: Michael Hogan, Ph.D.)
- Cornell University Medical College, NY M.D. with Honors in Research 1986 (Thesis: "Studies in the Immunology of Chronic ITP" Supervisor: James Bussel, M.D.)

Phi Beta Kappa, Princeton University 1982
Biochemistry Departmental Award, Princeton University 1982
Louis Gibofsky Research Award, Cornell Medical College 1985
Dean's Research Prize, Cornell Medical College 1986
Alpha Omega Alpha, Cornell Medical College 1986
Postdoctoral Fellow of The Arthritis Foundation 1990-93
Senior Rheumatology Scholar Award, American College of Rheumatology 1991
Trainee Investigator Award, American Fed. For Clinical Research 1992

American College of Rheumatology, Fellow
American College of Physicians, Member
American Federation for Clinical Research, Member
Nassau County Medical Society
Medical Society of the State of New York

American Board of Internal Medicine 1989
American College of Rheumatology 1992

Porges AJ, Bussel JB, Kimberly RP, et al. Elevation of platelet-associated antibody levels in patients with chronic ITP expressing the B8 and/or DR3 allotype. Tissue Antigens 26:132-137, 1985.
Bussel JB, Pahwa S, Porges AJ, et al. Correlation of in vitro antibody synthesis with the outcome of chronic ITP. J. Clin. Invest. 6:50-56, 1986.
Porges AJ and Reeves WH. Autoepitopes of the P70/P80 (Ku) antigen are in regions of evolutionary instability. Arth. Rheum. 32:s81, 1989. [Abstract]
Porges AJ, Ng T, Reeves WH. Antigenic determinants of the Ku (P70/P80) autoantigen are poorly conserved between species. J.Immuno. 145:4222-28, 1990.
Porges AJ, Beattie SL, Ritchlin C, Kimberly RP, Christian CL. Patients with systemic lupus erythematosus at increased risked for Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia Arth.Rheum. 19:1191-2109,1992.
Porges AJ, Redecha PB, Pan LC, Knowles R, Salmon JE, Kimberly RP, Amplification and expression of human FcyRI polymorphisms. Arth. Rhem. 34:S168,1991. [Abstract]
Porges AJ, Beattie SL, Ritchlin C, Kimberly RP, Christian CL. Patients with systemic lupus erythematosus at risk for Pneumacystis carinii pneumonia. J.Rheum. 19:1191-94, 1992.
Porges AJ, Redecha PB, Doebele R, Pan LC, Salmon JE, and Kimberly RP. Novel Fcy receptor I family gene products in human mononuclear cells, J. Clin. Invest. 90:2102-2109,1992.
Porges AJ, Redech PB, Kimerly WT, Csernok E, Gross WL, and Kimberly RP. Antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibodiesenage and activate human neutrophils via Fcy Receptor IIal. J.Immunol. 1271-1280, 1994.

Edberg JC, Salmon JE, Porges AJ, and Kimberly PR: Immunopathology of SLE. in: Rheumatology, edited by JH Klippel and PA Dieppe, Gower Medical Publishing, London, 1993.
Porges DY, Porges AJ, and Gibofsky A. Etiology and genetics of collagen diseases. In: Beutner E, ed. in: Clinics in Dermatology. New York: Elsevier, 1992.
Porges AJ: ANCA Positivity in Rheumatology, edited by JH Klippel and PA Dieppe, Gower Medical Publishing, London; 1993.

Principal Investigator:
Vigor study of Rheumatoid Arthritis 1/99-current
Viscoelastic supplements for knee Osteoarthritis 11/98-current
Etanercept for Wegener's Granulmatosis anticipate 6/99

Osteoarthritis study Mucos Pharmaceuticals 4/99-current

Medical advisory Board - Hoechst Marion Roussel
Medical Consultant - Merck

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