Family of Heinrich Porges (since Ignatz Porges)

The family of Ignatz Porges goes back to Jakob Porges (b. Libochovice 1715) : see the full tree here
The family of Maximilian Porges belongs to the same tree : Maximilian Porges

Ignatz Porges (b. 1829, d. 07/05/1906). Brother Albert Porges.

Hermine Porges
Emilie Porges

Heinrich Porges (b. ca 1875 Schestajowitz Bohemia, d. ca 1942 Concentration camp Poland)
        married 3/1/1903 Frida Wolfsheimer (b. 1/8/1880 Weikersheim Germany, d. ca 1942 Concentration camp).

Dora Porges (b. 15/5/1905 Prague, d. ca 1988 New York)
        married Dr. Hugo Spitzer (b. ca 1900, d. ? Israel).  
        They migrated to Palestine where Hugo was killed in an accident.
      Upon his death Dora moved to the USA. The Spitzers are mentionnned in the family tree of Adolf Porges.

Franz (Frantizek) Porges (b. ca 1907 Prague, d. ca 1942 Concentration camp Poland).
          He was married and had several children. All were killed.

Maya Porges (b. ca 1908 Prague, d. ca 1942 Concentration camp Poland)
          She had several children. All were killed.

Hanni (Hana) Porges (b. 24/09/1915 Prague, d. 04/1996 Prague)
        married Jan Bohacova (d. 1985 Prague) a famous Czech playwright and actor. No children.
        According to the transport cards in possession of The Federation of Jewish Communities in the Czech Republic,she was deported to Theresienstadt on 27/07/1942 (Transport #AAu780) then to Auschwitz on 23/10/1944 (Transport #Et-110). She survived.

Source : Martin Wolfsheimer Becker, Albany, NY, 2000.
whose mother was the sister of Frida, Heinrich Porges' wife.

Hana Porges Dora Porges Spitzer
Hanni (Hana) Porges Bocahova
ca 1939
Dora Porges Spitzer ca 1945

The Porges cousins

Photo taken on August 2, 1920 in Weikersheim, Germany,
on the 70th birthday of Therese Kirchhausen Wolfsheimer (mother of Frida Wolfsheimer).

Sitting front row : Annie Becker Jacobs, Ilse Becker sohn
Second row : Maya Porges, Edith Wolfsheimer Fromm, Hanni Porges, Ethel Starkman Gould, Trude Wolfsheimer Brown,
Dora Porges Spitzer

Standing rear :Franz Porges