Porgesz, Porjesz, Purjesz families

Family trees of :

Jacob Eliezer Porgesz (b. ca 1860 Hungary)

Leopold (Jom Tov) Porgesz. Czechoslovakia/Hungary

Menachem (Mihail Mendel) Porgesz

Marton Porgesz (b. Öcsöd, Hungary ca 1810-5)

Kálmán Porgesz (1902 Aranyosmarót)

Samuel Porjesz (b. Croatia 1849) Hungary

Martyrs of Holocaust in Szentes, Hungary

The Purjesz Family

The Porjes and Purjesz families

Jacob Eliezer Porgesz (b. ca 1860 Hungary), married Gittel,

Levi Porgesz (b. ca 1890) married Keily Hoffman.
         He had a large family, but after the war, only two of his sons remained alive : Yechel Mechel and Samuel.

Yechel (Mechel) Porges (b. Szombately Hungary 1910).
          He was married before WWII and had eight children, who all died with their mother.
          Then he married Ester Mindl (b. Munkacz Hungary), lived in nyc, then moved to Israel.
          He studied all his life and told his nephew that his ancestors lived in Prague.

Keily (female), married Feivel Schwarz (N.Y.). They have 14 children.
Samuel Chaim Porges (b. 1947 Antwerp, Belgium)
         married Judith Moskowits (b. Antwerp Belgium),
          lives in Montreal Canada since 1950.
           Among their 7 or 8 children :

Jacob Porges (b. Montreal canada 1971)
          married Malia Kohn (b. Antwerp, Belgium), lives in Antwerp, Belgium.
M. Porges lives in Antwerp, Belgium.
S. Porges lives in NYC.

  Levy Porges, married Leah (daughter of Samuel Porges, hence his first cousin)
          and have 12 children.
 Naftali Porges, married Chaya. They have 3 children.
 Jacob Eliezer Porges, lives in jerusalem with his wife Henay and his many children.
 Shoshi (female), married Mr Deutsch (N.Y.).
 Mendl Porges, lives in N.Y. with his wife Rachel and their 16 children.

Samuel Porgesz (b. Szombately Hungary 1920) married Malka (Magda) Gold
          He has 12 children (4 sons and 8 daughters ; all are married).
          He spent the war, partly in Hungary, hiding to escape the nazis.
          He was a young boy 22/24 y.o. and with the help of his friends, he saved
          an incredible number of Jews, on their way to Auschwitz.
          His parents, brothers and sisters went to "work" and begged him to go with them ;
          but he refused because his Rabbi, the holy rabbi of Belz,
          told him to hide and not to go to "work".
          Some details are reported in war stories ("Dare to survive" by Chaïm Shlomo FRIEDMAN and
          "The scent of snow flowers"). He truly behaved as a heroe, and still does a lot for others
          and for the benefit of his community. He has 111 grand children.

 Sara Reisel (OPMAN) 13 children
 Keily ((DIRNFELD) 8 children
 Libu (HECHT) 3 children
 Itel (ROTH), 12 children
 Levy porges, married Goldie, 8 children
 Leah, daughter in law of Yechiel Mechel (see above),
          married Levy porges, 12 children
Joshua Porges(z) (b. Montreal 1955)
          Married Rachel Gross (b. Switzerland), lives in Montreal.
          They have 12 children.
Jacob Porges, married Blimie, 10 children

Jacob used to live in Montreal.

He moved to Brooklyn in 2005 and opened a bakery.

His father Samuel had a bakery in Montreal Canada for many years.

It was called "European" but unforunately, it closed a few years ago.

Source : Shlomo Porges, Oct. 2005

Porges Canadian Style Bakery

1441 Coney IslandAve, Brooklyn, NY


Photos in 2011

Photo in 2017

 Moishy, married Henchie, 7 children
Chayale (BINETH), 13 children
 Perle (FRIEDMAN), 7 children
 Sissy (TEICHMAN), 6 children

Simcha Meyer Porges

Jabob Eliezer Porges, perished in the holocaust
Koppel Porges, perished in the holocaust
Avrum Porges, perished in the holocaust
Sholem Porges, lives in Givat Schmuel (Israel)
         2 sons : Simcha Meyer, Eli / 2 daughters : Nechama, Tova (Gittle)
Reuvan Porges, died in Israel, childless.
Yishai Porges (d. Brooklyn 1998)

Simcha Meyer Porges, married Rachel currently lives in Brooklyn, NY.
Schmiel Porges
Jacob Eliezer Porges

Leah Pina Mindel married Chaim Menachem Gershon Frisch
Children : Hershel, Nicha Chana, Yishai, Yehudis Rivka, Moshe Elazar, Shalom, Simcha Meir
Chaim Yehuda Porges married Ruchel Wettenstein
Children : Perel, Yishai, Moshe Elazar, Yisrael, Rivka, Hadasa Gittel
Reuven Porges married Malka Engel
Children : Chana Sarah, Leah Nechama, Esther, Yishai David
Nechama married Aharon Moskovits
Child :Leah
Faiga Gittel and Sarah Yent passed away

Nechama Porges
Esther Porges
Malka Porges

Levi Porges, perished in the holocaust
Yosef Porges, perished in the holocaust
Gittle (daughter) Porges, perished in the holocaust

               Sources : Rachel & Joshua Porges(z), Montreal, 2001 and Jacob Porges (Belgium) 2001,
                                Rachel Porges (Brooklyn), 2001.

Leopold (Jom Tov) Porgesz married Jentel Weisz. Czechoslovakia/Hungary.
             They had 12 children. 2 twins died in infancy. 3 were killed by the Germans. 6 went to Israel.

Frida Porgesz married Goldsmith, died 1999 in Israel.
        2 daughters & 3 sons (the youngest died in a car accident ca. 1985), and many grand-children.

Viktor (Avigdor) Porgesz lives in Israel, has 4 children, and many grand-children.

Jakob Porgesz (d. Israel 2005), has 2 sons & grand-children

Chaïm Porgesz (d. Israel 05/2005), has 4 children, and many grand-children.

Yitzhok Porgesz (b. Dunajska Streda, Czech, d. Israel 1991)

Andy Porgesz (b. Dunajska Streda, Czech, d. Israel)

Mor Moshe Porgesz (b. Dunajska Streda, Czech, 01/07/1910, d. 1990 NY)
         married Iren Friedlander. Left Hungary in 1956. Lived in Brazil 1957 thru 1961.
         Moved to Brooklyn in 1961.

Georgette Porgesz

Annette Porgesz Grauman
         Lives in Brooklyn (NY), handwriting analyst, columnist, lecturer.

Jentel Weisz Porgesz with her ten children. Moshe (Mor) Porgesz is the last one standing to the right.
Jentel sits with her two youngest, Frida and Viktor.
Photo : courtesy of Yehoshua (Weisz) Ben Ami + Avigdor Porgesz (Bnei Brak, Israel), 2001

Yom Tov (Leopold) Porgesz with his Students  (ca 1922)
He passed away before the Holocaust.  
Two of his sons, Andy and Jacob are on either side of him.  
Some people may recognize some of the children :
there is one young girl who intrigues me - she resembles my sister and also her little granddaughter.  
She does not look like pictures of my father's sisters, I don't know who she is, she is a beautiful young girl.

Annette Porgesz Grauman (june 2007)

Photo of the gravesite of Yom Tov (Leopold) Porgesz.

The new monument was installed by Avigdor Porgesz, of Bnei Brak, Israel,
his youngest son.

This picture was taken by George Guttmann on a visit to the cemetery in Dunaj Kastreda.

            Source :  Annette Porgesz Grauman, Brooklyn (N.Y.), 1994, 2001,2003.

Menachem (Mihail Mendel) Porgesz, married to Esther Hersch

Eliezer (Lazar) Porgesz (d. Hida Romania? 25/09/1890) married Matilda Löb (d. Auschwitz ).
         His relatives were :
         Malcha gittel, Sterl, Chay Rivka, Mordechai David, Chaim Itzak Yehuda, Gdalia Rafael

Mordechai David Porges (d. Auschwitz at the age of 18)

Albrecht (Alfred) Porges-Löb (b. Hida Romania? 14/03/1921),
         married Ingeborg Buber Brecher

Ricardo Porges, lives in Israel, has 3 daughters

Monica Porges (b. Santiago Chile 05/02/1990) married Benny Koren

               Source : Mrs Monica Porges Koren, Israel, 1994.

Marton Porgesz (b. Öcsöd, Hungary ca 1810-5)

Izsák Porgesz (b. Öcsöd, Békés,Hungary 2/4/1876)
         married to Hermina Kohn (b. Purim Kunszentmarton, Hungary, 1876), died in the Holocaust

Làszlo Porgesz (b. Öcsöd Hungary 19/8/1902)
           married to Edith Holtz (b. Slovakia 9/5/1916)
Ferencz Porgesz (b. Öcsöd Hungary 1907, d. Holocaust)
Pál Porgesz (b. Öcsöd Hungary 1909, d. Holocaust)
Sándor Porgesz (b. Öcsöd Hungary 1912, d. Holocaust)
William Porgesz (b. Öcsöd Hungary 5/3/1915) married Elizabeth Kovács (b. Budapest 6/9/1916)
         2 daughters : Suzanna (b. 1946 Budapest) and Eva (b. 1954 Budapest). All live in Montreal.

              Source : William Porgesz, Laval Québec Canada, 1993.

  Kálmán Porgesz 1902 Aranyosmarót

Ibolva Porgesz 1928 Hungary (Budapest)

László Porgesz 1931 Hungary (Budapest)

Kálmán Porgesz 1926 Hungary (Budapest)

Ildi Porgesz 1952 Hungary (Budapest)
Anna Porgesz 1956 Hungary (Komló)
Kálmán Porgesz 1951 Hungary (Kecskemét)

Tímea Porgesz 1979 Hungary (Pécs)
Gábor Porgesz 1975 Hungary (Pécs)

              Source : Gabor Porgesz (2004)

Samuel Porjesz (b.1849), married Maria Goldstein (b.1847/8, d. 12/07/1923 Novaragasse 17, Vienna, buried Zentralfriedhof Wien, Tor 4 Gruppe 10 Reihe 16 Grab 7, Vienna)

Heinrik Porjesz (b. Nagy Kikinda, Serbia, 17/02/1882, d. Holocaust)
        married Marjem Gross (b. 22/10/1884 Zalishchyky, Ukraine, between 1941 and 1943 (56-58)
         (deported to Lublin from wien in 1941), moved to Vienna

Kurt Porjesz (b. Vienna 1914, d. NYC 1993), lived in NY, married Roslyn Schwartzbaum,
         One daughter Madeleine married/divorced Gerald Daria (two sons: Scott & Jonathan)

Alice Porjesz (b. Vienna 1912, d. 10/02/2014), lives (2006 ) in Queens, NY.
         married Helmut Steinberger Shwergold (b. 22/02/1900 Darmstadt), mother of
         one son : Claude Steingerger (b. 1936)

Otto Porjesz (b. Vienna 10/4/1908, d. USA 03/2001), accountant,
        married Lilly Weinmann (b. Basel Switzerland 1912, d. 1977) who grew up in Berlin.
        Her family was from Tarnow, Poland.  Otto left Vienna in 1939.
        He was arrested during Kristallnacht. Route of emigration : Kitchener Camp, Sandwich, UK

(private) Porjesz

Bernice Porjesz Solowiejczyk (b. ?) married Yedidiah Solowiejczyk (b. Havana Cuba, from a family from Warsaw Poland), Professor of Psychoneurology at SUNY Downstate Medical Center. Lives in Manhattan NY.

Noah Solowiejczyk (b. NYC 05/08/1984)

Roza Porjesz (b. 29/09/1888 Kikinda, Serbia, d. 1943 deported to Auschwitz from
          Mecheln transit camp) married Max Gunser, mother of Stella Günser (b. 1909) and Hermine Günser (b. 1914)

Regina Porjesz (b.31/08/1892, Kikinda, Serbia, d. 1942 deported to auschwitz from Mecheln
          transit camp) married Salomon Metsendorf ( b. 10/08/1878 Brzesko, Poland, d. 1943
          deported to Auschwitz from Mecheln transit camp) mother of Hilda Metzendorf (b. 1913 vienna)
          and PaulMetzendorf ( b. 1914)

Adolf Porjes (b. ca 1876) married Gizella Fried (b. ca 1881 Bánov, Slovakia), father of (private) Porjes

  Regina ‘Katiza’ Porjesz
        ( b. 24/07/1877 Bratislava Slovakia, d. 04/08/1949 Hartford Connecticut) married
          Adolf Lilienthal ( b. 09/03/1870 Tejfalú, d. 13/03/1948)

Julius Lilienthal (b. 10/07/1897 Vienna, d. 19/03/1902 (4 yo))

 (private) Lilienthal

 (private) Plow Lilienthal

Robert Lilienthal ( b. 07/08/1903 Vienna, d. 16/02/1987 Greenwich USA)
         married Elsa Gelberd (b. 20/08/1911 Poland, d. 20/12/2000 Greenwich Connecticut)

 Peter Lilienthal married Evelyn Jablow (b. 21/08/1942, d. 2000) + ? Sherman

(private) Lilienthal

Ryan Stark Lilienthal married (private) Stark, 3 children

 (private) Lilienthal

 (private) Lilienthal

                    Sources :
                    Otto Porjesz, New York, 1993, 2001
                    Bernice Porjesz, Manhattan NY, 2006

                    Geni website 2019

Szentes Martyrs

Names of the Martyrs of Holocaust in Szentes, Hungary.
Copied by Gyorgy Ujlaki from a Memorial to the Martyrs of the Holocaust in Szentes located in the local Jewish cemetery.
Szentes, June 7 1998.

Porjesz Sandor
Porjesz Sandorne
Porjesz Gyorgy
Purjesz Dr. Janosne

                                       The Purjesz Family by Ilana Burgess

The Purjesz family is a classic example of the forced "wandering Jew".
They most probably originated somewhere in ancient Israel, exiled 2000+ years ago and had to move from one country to the other in search of a safe haven.
At some stage they made their home in Spain and during the inquisition moved into Central Europe.
My branch of the family settled in Hungary in the 18th century.
Most of the family was murdered during the Holocaust.
My mother survived and made her home in Israel where I was born.
Back to the original starting point - a full circle.
According to the family legend, they lived in Burgos Spain and were forced to leave in 1492.
Some managed to escape before or during the inquisition and settled in Italy.
Other members of the family converted to Christianity and managed to leave after 1492.
In Italy the anusim were able to be converted back to Judaism.
Some members of the family moved from Italy to Turkey, Bulgaria, Temeszvar Romania and then finally settled in Hungary.
The first record I have of a Purjesz in Hungary is Adam Purjesz.
I've found out recently that Adam Purjesz name was Adam Burjes and was changed to Purjesz in the late 1700's or early 1800's.
Adam Purjesz
According to the story, Adam Purjesz was still in possession of the Spanish family crest.
The family name was very important to them and so was their Spanish heritage.
My mother told me that her mother and grandmother followed many Sephardic traditions while living in an Ashkenazi community.
Over the two decades in Hungary the family became prominent and included many physicians, lawyers, bankers, business people, politician and officers in the Austro Hungarian army.