Family of Maximilian Porges

Same family as Natan Porges (Prague 1470) : link

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  Maximilian Porges MuDr., (b. Krnov Czechia, ca 1840) general physician in Krnov (Cz) married Marie Kollberg
          [MuDr. = approx. Medicinae Universae Doctoris or M.D.]
 Rudolf Porges MuDr., (b. Vienna Austria 07/06/1864, d. Havlickova 18, Litomerice, Cz,24/12/1959)
general physician in Cesky Krumlov, Latran 86, married Anna Kletetschka (d. 03/01/1950).
Rudolf changed his name from Rudolph Porges Kletetschka into Rudolph Kletetschka between 14/04/1958 and 04/05/1958. Rudolph re-married amalie Diner.
She emigrated to Austria or Germany in 1962, after Rudolph's death.
JuDr. Friedrich (Berdich) Kletetschka
JuDr. Gunther (Porges) Kletetschka JuDr., (b. Cesky Krumlov 04/09/1904, d. NeueBrandeburg Germany 1969) married Bozena Ziskova (b. Vysoke Myto, 16/05/1934). He taught violin and piano in a musical school.

[In 1939, it was claimed that Gunther Porges was not a son of Rudolf.
On his birth certificate, there is a handwritten note stating that based on a court decision in Freiberg, Germany, December 12,1939, Gunther is not blood related to Rudolf.
The descendants believe that this was made in the fear of the Nazis discovering that gunther was half Jewish.]
Gunther (Porges) Kletetschka RNDr., M.S., Ph. D (b. Litomerice Cz 22/05/1964),
        scientist at NASA,
        married RNDr. Andrea Kostadinovic (b. Prague 25/04/1965),
Marketa (Porges) Kletetschka (b. Ostrava Cz 16/04/1991)
Karel (Porges) Kletetschka (b. Minneapolis USA 02/12/1993)

Dr Rudolf Porges (center) and his two sons Bedrich Porges (left) and Gunther Porges (right)


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