Family of Otto Porges


  Dr Otto Porges (b. 04/01/1879 Brandeis a. E., Böhmen, d. 11/1967)
married Marie "Mary" Low in 1917. She lived in Helenenthal/Iglau (then AustroHungary now Czech Republic).
In, 1932/33, he lived in Vienna : VIII., Laming. 7 (Vienna phone books)
Otto Porges had three sisters.
Born  Brandeis an der Elbe (Bohemia), moved to Teplitz where he went to school, then to Prague where he studied medicine.
Professor of Internal medicine at the University of Vienna (Austria) where he became very famous in his field (gastro-enterology) and ran the "First Medical Clinic" of Vienna.
Assimilated and became catholic.
He published many medical books and articles in Vienna and Internationally.
Migrated from Vienna to the USA in 1938.
In the USA he lived in Chicago and was with Northwestern Medical School Hospital in Chicago and other hospitals and had a private practice as Internist.

 Karl Gustav Porges (b. Vienna Austria 1920, d. USA 03/2007) married Alberta Bell (d. 2007)
          Came to the U.S.A. in 1938, from Teplitz, Prague and Vienna.
          Graduated from the University of California. Was a physicist in a government laboratory near chicago,
          retired in 2003. Moved to Washington DC in 2001

 Maria Porges, artist
        lives in California, married Bill McMahon

 Sophia Therese Porges McMahon (b. Califorrnia, 07/19/2001)

 Catherine Bell Porges McMahon (b. Califorrnia, 07/19/2001)

 Amelia Porges, married David Schutz
          International lawyer, lives in the U.S.A.
          Children : Wally, Theo, Annie

 Timothy Porges (b. 1949)
            Librarian, lives in Arlington, VA

 Fran(ziska) Hosken Porges (b. Vienna 1920, d. Massachussetts USA 2006)
          married 1947 James Hosken and lived in Boston.
          Divorced 1962 and remarried. Journalist, photographer, professor

Fran Hosken Porges wrote (2005) :
" We fled from Vienna in March of 1938 - my mother and I- 5 days after Hitler took Vienna.
My brother, Dr. Karl Porges, left in July - after hiding some of the time - and my father joined us in Jugoslavia in early September.
After all kinds of complications we managed to get visas for the US in Switzerland and arrived in New York late October '38 (by ship - there were no planes). "

John Hosken
Caroline Hosken
Andrew Hosken

Pr. Dr. Otto Porges (ca 1950 & ca 1930)
Courtesy of Mrs Fran(ziska) Hosken Porges

by Otto Porges (Wien 1935)

Associated eponyms:
Fouchet's test
A method for demonstrating the presence of bilirubin in faeces, urine and serum.
Porges-Meier reaction
A precipitation test for syphilis.

Biography :
Otto Porges studied in Prague and Strassburg, receiving his doctorate in 1903 at Prague.
From 1908 assistant in Vienna at the I medical clinic, habilitated for internal medicine in 1911, becoming titular professor 1920.
Porges main field was diseases of the stomach, intestines, and metabolism.

Bibliography :
• Über Kolloide und Lipoide in ihren Beziehungen zur Immunitätslehre. • Technik und Methodik der Serodiagnostik der Lues mit Hilfe der Ausflockungsmethode.
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In Emil Abderhalden, publisher: Handbuch der biologischen Arbeitsmethoden; part 4, T. 6, 2. Berlin and Vienna, 1932.
Fouchet's test
Also known as:
Adlersberg’s test
Adlersberg-Porges test
Associated persons:
David Adlersberg
André Fouchet
Otto Porges
A method for demonstrating the presence of bilirubin in faeces, urine and serum.
Bibliograph y:
• A. Fouchet:
Méthode nouvelle de recherche et de dosage des pigments biliaires dans le sérum sanguin.
Comptes rendus de la Société biologique, Paris, 1917, 80: 826-828. • D. Adlersberg, O. Porges:
Über den Nachweis von Bilirubin und Urobilin in den Faeces mit Trichloressigsäure.
Biochemische Zeitschrift, 1924, 150: 348-349.Porges-Meier reaction
Also known as:
Porges’ reaction
Réaction de Porges
Associated persons:
Georg Meier
Otto Porges
An early flocculation test for syphilis.
French description:
Formation d'un précipité dans un sérum par addition d'une solution de glycocholate de soude.
Cette réaction, d'après Porges, ne se produirait que chez les syphilitiques.

Described by O. Porges, in: • Berliner klinische Wochenschrift, 1908, 45: 731.

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