Rudolph Porges (b. Prague ?, d. 1972) of Czech nationality, married Georgette Holasova(d. 2008) of Czech nationality.
At the start of the war, Rudolph fled the country leaving his mother and two sisters there (Rudolph’s mother and one of his sisters supposedly perished in concentration camps).
He was then joined by his fiancée Georgette who later became his wife.
They had to flee Czechoslovakia and settled in the UK.
Ivan and George were born in England, and after the war they moved back to Czechoslovakia but with the coming of the communists had to flee the country again and arrived back in England in 1949 where they lived for over 50 years.

Georges Porges (b. 1941) of Czech nationality, British citizen, married Bianca Scagliotti (b.1936) of Italian nationality.

Chantal Porges, British citizen, lives in Linkebeek, Belgium, and works as journalist and consultant in communication. Attached is a recent photo.

Manuela Porges, British citizen, lives in Ternat, Belgium, and works in the cardiology department of the Cesar Depaepe hospital in Brussels.
        Daughter : Lolla

Solange Porges, British citizen, lives in Brussels

Ivan Porges, of Czech nationality, now a US citizen, lives in Kissimee (Florida),
married Marlene Khaleel ca 1990.
They run the PorgesEnterprises (http://www.PorgesEnterprises.com).
Ivan has three children from a first marriage :

Sacha Nikolas (b. 15/01/1971) home in North Carolina, USA,
Senior Program Manager (2005) at GKN Automotive Driveline Division

Mia Porges, lives in Birmingham UK

Maxim Porges, lives in West Palm Beach (Florida)
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Sources : Chantal Porges (2007), Marlene Khaleel (2002)