Family of Paul William Porges

William Porges (b. ?) married Rose Urshov
        migrated from Russia in 1903, settled in Springfield (Chicago) Ill. Arrived in East Los Angeles in 1923

Lester Porges (b.?)

Lynn Rochelle Porges (Lompoc, CA)

Helen Porges (b.?)
Morey Porges (b.?) married Tybe Sabbath (sister of Rheta, below),
         buried at the Beth Shalom Cemetery of East Los Angeles
Paul William Porges (b. ?, d. U.S.A. 1949) married Rheta Sabbath
        He was an electrician, as were his brothers, all of whom came to California in the 1930's from Chicago.

Dennis Porges (b. ?) (Ione, California) married x Nichols-McHargue

Aaron Porges (b. ?)
Edward Porges (b. 11/01/1959)
        married Pamela Maybury. They live in Alta Loma, CA

Melanie Porges
Nichole Porges
Stephanie Porges

Matthew Porges (b. ?),
        lives in Milwaukee WI where he is a landscape architect.
David Porges (b. ?) married ?, lives in Los Angeles

xx Porges

The photo album of the William Porges family
Matthew Porges
Matthew Porges (2004)

Alvin Porges and Dennis Porges, Los Angeles CA, 1945

Paul Porges and Rheta Abbott before their marriage 1935

Dennis Porges with his Grandparents Rose (Urshov) and William Porges at Sequoia National Park,CA 1949

Paul William Porges, Chicago, IL 1929

      Source : David & Matthew Porges (2004)