Maurice or Morris Porges (b. Vienna (?) ca 1900, d. ca 1932 Chicago), moved to Chicago.
         One only child :

 Charles Porges (b. 1930 Chicago) lives in Oak Lawn (IL) married (1955) Patricia x

 David L. Porges (b. 1957 Chicago) married Gabriela.
        They live in Pittsburgh.
        David is President and COO of Equitable Resources (2007)

 First daughter (b. 2003 Pittsburgh)
 Amelia Porges (b. Pittsburgh 2005)       

 Nancy Porges (b.Chicago 1956) lives in Truckee (CA)

 Janet Porges (b. 1959 Oak Lawn IL) married (1984) Paul Carter
        They live in Overland Park, Kansas

 Tricia (b. 1985 Chicago)
 Tracy (b. 1988 Chicago)
 Tresa (b. 1991 Waterville Maine)

 Carol Porges (b. 196? Oak Lawn IL) married (1996) Mark Clarke
        They live in Port Charlotte, FL.

 Charles Wesley (born 1996 Chicago)
 Elisa (b. 1998 Port Charlotte, FL)
 Hudson (b. 2000 Port Charlotte, FL)
 Rachel (b. 2001 Port Charlotte, FL)
 Matthew (b. 2003 Port Charlotte, FL)
 Eric (b. 2004 Port Charlotte, FL)

Source : David Porges (2007)

David L. Porges

Gabriela and David Porges
May 24, 2004

Equitable Resources, Inc. is an integrated energy company with emphasis on Appalachian area natural gas production and transportation, natural gas distribution and transmission, and energy services marketing in the northeastern section of the United States.
The Company also has exploration and production interests in the Gulf of Mexico and energy service management projects in selected United States and international markets.
The Company and its subsidiaries offer energy (natural gas, natural gas liquids and crude oil) products and services to wholesale and retail customers through three primary business segments, Equitable Utilities, Equitable Production and NORESCO.
Financial Summary EQT is an integrated energy exploration, production, transmission, distribution and marketing company. EQT offers energy products and services to wholesale and retail customers.
For the three months ended 3/00, revenues fell 9% to $379.1 million.
Net income rose 31% to $39.1 million.
Results reflect lower revenues from Equitable Utilities' operations due to warmer weather.
Earnings benefited from an increase in natural gas transportation margins.
Recent Earnings Announcement For the 3 months ended 06/30/2000, revenues were 338,436; after tax earnings were 16,225. (Preliminary; reported in thousands of dollars.)

Officers :
Murray  Gerber, Chairman, CEO
David  Porges, President and Chief Operating Officer


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