Julius Porges (b. ca 1890 Tucensky Svaty Martin near Bratislava?) married Irena X

Stephan Porges (b. 1917 Tucensky Svaty Martin near Bratislava, d. 1975) married on 9/7/40 in pre-Israel Palestine where they met on Kibbutz Ramat David : Inge Yael Winterfeldt (b. 7/30/22 Berlin, Germany, d. 08/06/2007 NY).
The US Holocaust Museum includes Tucensky Svaty Martin among the towns that were wiped out during the Holocaust.

tabshelly Karen-Shelly "K. Shelly" Porges (b. 1953 Tel Aviv Israël) married
(1) Ovidiu Pasternak (b. 6/24/48 Bucharest, Romania)
(2) Richard Wilhelm (b. 5/17/46 in NYC)
She lives in the U.S.A.

tabStephen Benjamin Pasternak (b. 6/13/86 Toronto, Canada)

tab Ariel Pasternak (b. 12/24/90 Greenbrae, California)

tab Amos Jay Poe (formerly Porges), (b. 9/30/49 Tel Aviv, Israel) married
(1) Barbara Brooks, ca. 1970 http://www.amospoe.com/cv/index.html

tab Emily Star Poe (b. 7/22/76, NYC)

(2)  Sarah Charlesworth  ca. 1984

tab Nicholas Tiger Poe (b. 4/25/85, NYC)
tab Sarah Lucy Poe (b. 11/11/88, NYC)

tab Erica Porges
tab Klara Porges
tab Lona Porges

K. Shelly Porges

Cornell University Entrepreneur Network

Speaker - K. Shelly Porges '74
K. Shelly Porges co-founded Global Payments Experts llc. in 2003.
With deep domain expertise in the payments and financial services industry, Global Payments Experts llc. provides business strategy, risk management, marketing, and product development consulting to deliver bottom line results.
Global Payments Experts llc. professionals have worked with leading companies such as Accenture, American Express, Ameritech, Bank of America, BB&T, Bell Canada, Capital One, Chevron, Citigroup, Diners Club, ETrade, First Data Corp., GE Capital Card Services, H&R Block, Hewitt Associates, Household International, Innoventry Corp., KeyCorp., Livecapital.com, MBNA, NexTag, Inc., Paymybills.com, PPS, Inc., Providian, Star Systems, Inc., thinkSmart llc., ThirdAge Media, Thomas Weisel Partners, U.S. Bank, Verizon, Visa U.S.A., Visa International, Wachovia, Washington Mutual, Wells Fargo, and Zurich Scudder Investments.

Ms. Porges is a recognized expert in marketing and strategy development with a significant track record in launching products, brands and companies. As an advisor, she has consulted with various Fortune 500 company executive teams on achieving breakthrough results. As an executive, she has led some of the nation’s leading financial institutions in developing powerful strategies in both start-up and turn-around environments, as well as in re-energizing growth in existing businesses.

Ms. Porges’ career highlights include a ten-year stint at American Express, culminating as executive head of marketing for American Express Canada. She then served as Senior Vice President of Retail Product Management for Bank of America during its historic turn-around in the late 80’s where she helped the bank move from #23 to #1 in consumer lending in the country, as well as from last to first in deposit and revenue growth among the nation’s major banks. Following this, as founder and CEO of Porges/ Hudson Marketing (PHMI), a strategy advisory firm, Ms. Porges led one of the most well-known, well-respected boutique firms in the financial services industry.

Ms. Porges also held executive positions in a number of start-up ventures including Executive Vice President of Strategic Marketing for a subsidiary of Wachovia (then First Union) Bank, the 6th largest bank in the country, where she ran a strategic alliance business, and launched an internet lending business which grew to over $100 million in its first full year of operation. She then served as Executive Vice President-Marketing for Third Age Media, the leading Internet portal site for baby boomers, where she was responsible for the record-setting growth—over 400%-- in both visitors and registered users at Third Age in 1999. In January 2000, The Industry Standard named Third Age one of the Top Ten Most Popular Sites on the Web based on growth in unique visitors. She also served as Chief Marketing Officer of Scudder Weisel Capital LLC, a specialty investment firm, a joint venture between Thomas Weisel Partners, at the time, the country’s fastest growing investment bank, and Zurich Scudder Investments, one of the largest asset managers in the world.

Ms. Porges has served on both corporate boards, including Renaissance Holdings Corp. and Pueblo Corp., as well as a variety of non-profit boards, including the United Way of the Bay Area, the Financial Women’s Association of San Francisco and the Jewish Community Federation. In 1996, she was named the Financial Women’s Association Distinguished Member of the Year for launching the Financial Woman of the Year Event which has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for women’s scholarships over the years. In 1997, she was recognized for her volunteer leadership by being awarded one of only 40 fellowships by the Wexner Heritage Foundation.

Ms. Porges holds both a BS and MS degree from Cornell University and serves on the Cornell University Council, on the Entrepreneurship and Personal Enterprise Program Advisory Council and on the President’s Council of Cornell Women (PCCW), of which she was a founding member. Ms. Porges is frequently quoted in a variety of industry publications such as the American Banker, Credit Card News, and Fortune magazine and was a contributor to such business books as The AMA Handbook of Services Marketing, If It Ain’t Broke, Break It!, and How to Run a Small Business.

Ms. Porges’ most proud accomplishment is being the mother of her two children, Ariel and Stephen.


September 2011
Dear Friends,

Just wanted to make you aware of an exciting new development in my life. Beginning Monday, August 29, I will become the new head of the State Department's Global Entrepreneurship Program. Below this email is the announcement that went out Friday from the State Department.
The Global Entrepreneurship Program (GEP) is a U.S. State Department-led effort to promote and spur entrepreneurship around the world. Announced by Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton at the Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship in April 2010, the GEP highlights the Obama Administration’s commitment to use America’s entrepreneurial culture to advance entrepreneurship in emerging markets and developing countries. The program is managed as an interagency team, which includes USAID, the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) the Millennium Challenge Corporation, among others, and is led by the U.S. State Department’s Bureau of Economic Affairs/Office of Commercial and Business Affairs.
The Global Women's Business Initiative, which I have headed since March 2010, will be folded into GEP, and I have already hired a Franklin Fellow to take my place in leading it.
As an element of our 'smart power' strategy, entrepreneurship is a critical part of leveraging the best of America's values and innovation to the benefit of all nations and I am excited about leading this effort going forward.
K. Shelly Porges
Senior Advisor, Global Entrepreneurship Program
Office of Commercial and Business Affairs
U.S. Department of State


Blue and silver Getting ready for the Festival of Light
Wednesday, November 27, 2002
Chanukah. Hanukah. Hanukkah.

At the Porges family home in Greenbrae, 11-year-old Ariel Porges picked out her Noah's Ark chanukiah when she was still a little girl.
When she was in fourth grade, she made her own at school.

"Hanukkah is my favorite Jewish holiday," she says.
"I like a lot of the food -- like sufganiot (jelly doughnuts) and latkes (potato pancakes).
Mom and I make them together with sour cream and applesauce."

Shelly Porges, a native of Israel and Ariel's mom, said she's made it a priority to teach her children about the traditions of Hanukkah.
"Oftentimes people don't know what it is, much less how to celebrate it.
So I've made myself sort of a proselytizer among Jews in that way.
And over the years we've spurred on more of our friends to decorate and throw parties."




C.V. of Amos Poe

Amos Poe and Emily

Amos poe by Clemente

"As an artist and communicator, Amos Poe is not afraid to simultaneously challenge and move an audience. Seldom, if ever, in American cinema has a sensibility of such avant garde and seemingly pessimistic tastes produced films of such compassion and reflection."
- Eddie Cockrell, The American Film Institute/Washington DC

Poe is one of the leading figures of the No Wave Cinema movement (75-85) that grew out of the bustling East Village music and art scene.

The No Wave paralleled the punk music explosion and included Jim Jarmusch, Eric Mitchell, James Nares, Beth and Scott B, Vivienne Dick, Sara Driver, John Lurie, Richard Kern, Nick Zedd, Bette Gordon, Melvie Arslanian, Charlie Ahearn, among others - they embraced B-movie genres, the avant-garde, & the French New Wave to create a fresh, vibrant American art cinema.

Poe is considered by many (see John Pierson's book, "Spike, Mike, Slackers & Dykes", Legs McNeil's "Please Kill Me", or C. Patterson's "Captured") to be the "father" of the modern indy American cinema.

In '75 Poe and Ivan Kral (Patti Smith Group, Iggy Pop) produced, edited and shot the now classic and definitive punk film, THE BLANK GENERATION.

This film chronicles the seminal performances of Richard Hell, Patti Smith, Blondie, Ramones, Talking Heads, Television, Heartbreakers, Wayne County et. al.

In '76, Poe wrote, produced, directed his debut groundbreaking feature, UNMADE BEDS, an homage to Godard's "Breathless" and the French New Wave.

In '77, using a car loan for $5,000, Poe wrote, produced and directed his most influential film, THE FOREIGNER, starring Eric Mitchell, Patti Astor, Duncan Hannah and Debbie Harry.

In '79-'80 Poe concluded his "underground trilogy" with the bleakly beautiful SUBWAY RIDERS, his first foray in color.

These bohemian films starred the downtown demimonde of artists, musicians and poets.

During this era, Poe also directed the legendary weekly TV show, GLENN O'BRIEN'S TV PARTY.

In '83-'84, Poe co-wrote and directed ALPHABET CITY (w/ Vincent Spano, Kate Vernon & Michael Winslow), his first 35mm film, and directed numerous music videos (Run DMC, Animotion, Anthrax, Juice Newton etc.).

In '85-'86 he wrote ROCKET GIBRALTAR (starring Burt Lancaster, Macauley Culkin, Kevin Spacey, Patricia Clarkson, Francis Conroy, Bill Pullman, John Glover).

In the late '80's, Poe applied himself to writing numerous screenplays, among them - "Port of Call" (Chiesa Prod.), "The Golden Eagle" (Columbia Pictures), "Mrs. Dogg" (Island/World), "Beach House" (Weintraub Ent.), "Paint. It Black." (Ulick/Mayo Prod.) "Caught In A Whirlwind" (Cabana Ent.) and "Pony Rider" (Fox).

Poe returned to filmmaking in '90 with the acclaimed TRIPLE BOGEY ON A PAR 5 HOLE (Island/World).

In '92, Poe produced Steven Starr's JOEY BREAKER (Skouras/Paramount) starring Richard Edson, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Gina Gershon and Michael Imperioli.

Poe returned to scripting in '93-'94 with a vengeance, writing: "Tar Baby" (from Toni Morrison's novel for Willi Ramaeu), "Kid Killer", "La Pacifica" (released as a graphic novel by DC Comics), "The Guitar", "The Lodz 7 ", "The Grey Nun", "Hard On Berlin", "The Listener" (David Brown/Paramount), "Rattle My Cage" and "Dead Weekend" (with novelist Joel Rose).

In '94 Poe directed the Ed Wood inspired sci-fi DEAD WEEKEND (starring Stephen Baldwin & Bai Ling).

In the late '90's Poe wrote and directed the neo-noir FROGS FOR SNAKES (starring Barbara Hershey, Robbie Coltrane, Ian Hart, Debi Mazar, Justin Theroux and Clarence Williams III).

Poe continued writing screenplays, among them: "Stunning", "To Kill An Angel", "Underage", "Bypass", "The Night Witches", as well as directed two videos for Danny Goldberg's Artemis Records (Steve Earle's "Transcendental Blues" and "Over Yonder").

In '99 Poe began teaching filmmaking at NYU/Tisch School of the Arts.

In 2001, Poe "Murchian engineered" Alliance-Atlantis' 29 PALMS (starring Jeremy Davies).

In '02-'03 Poe produced & directed STEVE EARLE : JUST AN AMERICAN BOY, a feature portrait of singer-songwriter Steve Earle.

Poe continues to teach screenwriting, directing and production at NYU (and at NYU's Florence Summer Program) as well as other universities (University of Buffalo/Summer Grad Program).

Currently, Poe's working on several films, including EMPIRE II (a "re-make" of Warhol's EMPIRE) and THE GUITAR (starring Saffron Burrows, Isaach de Bankole & Paz de la Huerta; directed by Amy Redford). Poe's latest plans include www.pianospecs.com - an on-line pro-active ad platform for filmmakers, designers & artists.

©2005 RainFilm Inc.

Source :
http://www.amospoe.com/cv/index.html 2007





About Inge Yael Porges, nee Winterfeldt

"My mother is a woman who speaks with her life as much as with her tongue."  
Kesaya E. Noda, Author

Dear Friends,
It is with a heavy heart that we write to tell you that early this morning on June 8, 2007, our beloved mother, Inge Yael Winterfeldt Porges, passed away.  As you know, she had suffered in recent years from both vascular dementia and Parkinson's Disease such that this passing, while sad, comes as a relief.  In our grief, we are happy that her suffering has ended.
A memorial service will be held at at the graveside on Sunday, June 10 at 11am prior to her burial next to my father, at New Montefiore Cemetery, Farmingdale, NY. We will be sitting shiva at Sandy's house, Sunday directly after the burial.
Our mother was a remarkable and independent woman, full of life and love.  She was a talented artist, a gifted linguist and a loving wife, mother and grandmother.  Even in her youth, she was accomplished as both a Junior Olympic gymnast and a gifted student.  While she grew up in Berlin, Germany, she faced the horrors of the Holocaust with great courage.  An ardent Zionist even at the age of sixteen, after Kristallnacht, as her family prepared to flee to the US, she chose instead to emigrate to pre-Israel Palestine to help build the Jewish homeland.  Not knowing if she would ever see her family again or even arrive safely, she embarked on what would be a life-altering journey.  There, she met our father, Stefan Porges, of blessed memory, the love of her life and together they built a home, a family and a life.  
Throughout her life, our mother was an ardent supporter of Israel, and returned there in 1977 after our father's death in 1975.  There she married her devoted second husband, Baruch Zur, of blessed memory.  While in the US, she was a lifetime member of the Hadassah Women's Organization because its Youth Aliyah arm saved her from Nazi Germany and its Hospital in Jerusalem did life-saving work.   
Through all these years, she was someone who savored life in all its nuances and strove for excellence in all she did.
She loved to travel and infected her children with the travel bug.  She was a wonderful cook, homemaker and hostess whose mark is left indelibly on her children who all love to eat (as well as cook).  She was a sophisticated appreciator of the arts and introduced us to museums, theater, dance and music whenever possible.  It's no wonder that each of us has incorporated the arts somehow into our lives.  And, most of all, she created a beautiful and comfortable environment for her family and friends.
Among those who will miss her loving presence are her grandchildren:  Emily, Nick, Lucy, Stephen and Ariel and her great-granddaughter, Corey.
As we come together to celebrate her life and mourn her passing, we will cherish the memories of happier times that she made possible. It is how she would have wanted it.

These next few days, weeks and years will certainly seem emptier without her soul in this world but her wisdom and her love will guide us.

In loving memory,
Shelly, Sandra and Amos

Source : Shelly Porges