Ede Porges

Born in Prague (Czech) (18/05/1819)
and died in Pècs (Hungary) (01/10/1904)
No other family information available.

The biography „of school’s  parent”

Ede Porges was born (on) 14th may 1819, in Prague. His parents passed away when he was still a young child. His first form of subsistence was covered by teaching. He obtained his technical thesis at the University of Technology in Prague .

He wanted to be a teacher. He moved to Hohenems, and became instructor at the public school of the city.  

After the Hungarian war of independence (1849), the Austrian government  made a resolution that german should become the national language of Hungary. This decision caused the Austrian government  to look for suitable instructors.   

On the evidence of his pedagogical achievements, Ede Porges was found appropriate for changing the educational politics of the government in Vienna.

In 1859, he was in charge of leading the German lingual primary school at  Pécs.

The ”german politics”  of the Austrian government had failed also in the education, so they closed the pattern-school at Pécs. At this time Ede Porges was working as a bookkeeper and during this year he had the idea to open a commercial school at Pécs. On June 26,1875 he asked for permission to establish a three class, public commercial school.   

On October 20,1875 he opened the Commercial  Secondary  School at  Szechenyi sqr. 6.
But his personal will was not enough (financial  problems) to maintain the public school.
He had only a few students. He thought, that is because, his  qualificated students didn’t get a voluntary right (they only have to join the  army for one year). He  reached his goal : his students got this right in 1887.  Then he had 30 students and in the next term he had 92.
In 1895, after 20 years of successful work Ede Porges –with the support of the Ministry  of  Religion and Public Education-handed the direction to Béla Kondor, who was a qualified teacher of commercial schools.

Ede Porges died on October,1 1904, in  Pécs.

He  was a democratic and developing establisher, woodwork competently   and wood make great sacrifices for his school. He wrought his name   unforgettable into the cultural history of the city. After his  death, the  school was in the hand of the town until 1948. The  religious schools war peculiar, however Ede Porges’s school has  appeared from with its democratic  spirit. The students war prepared  to attend in the commercion, the payment  trade or in the  administration in this democratic spirit. The school produced well-trained, directing professionals for important positions to Pécs, and almost to Hungary.

Translated from Hungarian by Mariann Gráner (2007)