Dr. Porges

Dr. Porges lived in Prague and his portrait was sketched by David Friedmann in Prague in 1941.

                                                In 2018, thanks to Miriam Friedman and geni.com, we could find out who he was :


Dr. Jur. Franz/Frantisek Porges (b. 14/06/1908, d. KZ Auschwitz ca 09/1943)

Last residence before deportation: Prague XII
Address/place of registration in the Protectorate: Prague XI, Lucemburská 5
Transport H, no. 732 (30. 11. 1941, Prague -> Terezín)
Transport Dl, no. 1652 (06. 09. 1943, Terezín -> Auschwitz)

Link to his family page


In June 2007, Miriam Friedman Morris wrote :


I have a photograph of a drawing of “Dr. Porges” portrayed in Prague in 1941 by my father the artist David Friedmann.  
This photograph is among a surviving series of portraits of the officials of the Palestine Office and leaders of the Prague Jewish Community 1940-41.
So that the readers can understand the story, please see link to the David Friedmann website

“ Except for the Czech writer Stefan Engel, all were murdered by Hitler.”
The surviving portraits are historically significant testimony of a dynamic Jewish community that was destroyed.

Top photos: Bergmann, Stefan Pollak, and Metzl      
Center photo:  Stefan Engel
The subjects pictured next to Dr. Porges are possibly (?)
Hugo Stern and Huso Löwinger (or Lövinger).

For further info about David Friedmann please see:

I feel an obligation to try to identify the victims even without a name.

It is possible that Dr. Porges was deported from Prague to Theresienstadt, but could have been sent to Lodz, like my father and Dr. Oskar Singer for example.

The following is an article about my search for the lost art of David Friedmann:
http://www.bterezin.org.il/newsletter/english61.pdf  (page 10)
Beit Theresienstadt at Kibbutz Givat Chaym Ichud, Israel


Source : Miriam Friedman Morris (June 2007)