Family of Adolph Porges


Father A
No information. According to his descendants, it is not even certain whether his family name was Porges.
His sons may have changed their name to Porges when they arrived in the United States. The reason is unknown.

  Adolph Porges (b. Paris France ?, d. 07/03/1944)
          married Flora Roden/Rosenberg(?) (b. New York city ?, d. 02/05/1919)

Morton Porges (b. ??, d. 28/05/1948)
Norman Porges (b. ??, d. 01/02/1968)
Harold J. Porges (b. Chicago Ill. 15/07/1894, d. 22/04/1984) married Hilda Gersh (b.14/04/1903, d. 02/2002. She was the daughter of Herman Gersh (b. Odessa Russia), in the furniture business, and Mary Atz (b. Kiev Russia)

Melvin F. Porges (b. 04/07/1925, d. 02/1994), married 1951 Caroline Gilmore (b. Hollywood CA 1929)


Leo(pold) Porges (b. 1856, Russia, d. Chicago 1925) moved to the USA ca 1886/88,
married Eva Rosenberg (b. NYC). He was a druggist in Chicago

Edward D. Porges (b. Chicago 23/08/1895; d. Highland Park, Il. 26/06/1988)
married Jeanette Lieberman (b. Duluth MI, 1901, d. Highland Park IL 1984)
After obtaining a degree in electrical engineering from the Armour Institute of Technology (later the Illinois
Institute of Technology), on 18 September 1918 he received a commission as an Ensign in the U.S. Naval
Reserve Force, later converting to the regular Navy (also with the temporary rank of Ensign).
During the rest of 1918 and the first four months of 1919 he was assigned to the Submarine Base, New London
(located at Groton, Connecticut), the U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland, and the Receiving Ship at
Boston, Massachusetts. In about May 1919, Ensign Porges became an officer of the transport USS Patricia.
He resigned his commission on 25 June 1919, with the rank of Lieutenant (Junior Grade).
Following his Navy service, Porges worked as an electrical sales engineer and later entered business as a
wholesaler of electronics equipment, sporting goods and other items.
He retired in 1958 and was subsequently active in dog breeding and training.
He had resided in Highland Park, Illinois since 1940.

Gail Porges (b. Chicago 1935) married Richard Guggenheim (b. Chicago 1923). Gail has two sons :

Michael Saltzstein (b. Chicago 1961)
Robert Saltzstein (b. Chicago 1963)

Adrienne Porges Frankel (b. 1932) married Gerald Frankel (d. 1995).
         They have 2 children Jeffrey & Kate Frankel.

Lilian Porges Lowell (b. Chicago 1901, d. Los Angeles 1993). She had 1 daughter Diane Greenberg.

Hazel Porges Wilson (b. Chicago 1892, d. Chicago 1959). s
        She had 2 daughters Bobette Wilson Teitelman (b.1917, d. 1995) and dorothy Wilson siegel (b. 1920)

Ensign Edward D. Porges
Credits : Gail Porges Guggenheim, his daughter (Chicago, 2007)

Source : Jeff Porges (2005), Gail Guggenheim (2007)